Client Services Coordinator

I’ve been blessed with a very diverse and exciting life. But it was not without pitfalls, disappointments, and heartaches. During the years I’ve traveled much of the United States, been to the mountains and jungles of Peru, Petra in Jordan, climbed the mountaintop ruins of Masada where the story of the siege came to life, and spent a number of days in the ancient city of Jerusalem – walking the same streets that Jesus walked. I was a licensed pyrotechnician, a licensed falconer, learned to fly an ultralight when I lived in Alaska (although it scared me more than I enjoyed it) and got to do some raptor rehabbing – including a couple of bald eagles!

Now I spend much of my free time riding my Harley around the country and enjoying road trips with my friends from the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

It is my opinion that many young people raised in good homes with strong beliefs and values - as I was – still fall prey to outside influences and temptations when they leave home for colleges or start careers in different parts of the country. I knew right from wrong, but was not prepared for all the challenges that came with my new found freedom when I went off to a small college in the Adirondack Mountains.

Gwenn Harrington

It is because of this - the fact that I struggled for years with the guilt of an abortion the first year of marriage, and the struggles my daughter went through as a single teen mom - that I came to work at Choices Pregnancy Center. The first time I heard the Director speak at Prayer Service for Life, my heart was touched. I wanted the opportunity to speak life into the women making the same decision I had so many years earlier, when there were no “Choices” available, and to help young moms navigate a successful life course when everything looks so bleak. The job has become so much more than I expected and I love it!

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