Dr. Gavin

Dr. Gavin, MD

Medical Director

Obstetrics has always been my favorite part about family medicine and solidified my decision to specialize in family medicine with obstetrics in a rural area. The most rewarding part of my job is to care for a mom through her pregnancy and to help her welcome the blessing of a new life into this world.

The reality is that many pregnancies happen “unintentionally” and outside of committed marriage relationship. It's these moms and babies who most need to be surrounded by the love of Christ and need excellent prenatal care as well. I love that Choices builds relationships with moms and partners with them in choosing life and having a healthy pregnancy. I am excited and proud to be a part of that as the medical director.

Medical Director Doctor Gavin

I’m a native of Morgan, Minnesota. After studying biology at Bethel University, I received my Medical Degree from the U of M Duluth Medical School. Next, I completed the Sioux Falls Family Medicine Residency Program. Five years ago, my Rural Physician Associate Program medical training brought me here to our local hospital. Now I’m on staff with our local hospital.

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