Parenting Support

Like all parents, as you progress through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond, you will need encouragement and support. We get that. So we commit to walking with you on your journey.

When you need to know you have friends who are only a call away, we’ll be there.

When you have tons of questions about pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting, we’ve got you covered.

And when you need things like diapers, high chairs, or clothes, we can help there, too. Keep reading to learn more about what Choices Pregnancy Center offers you.

Baby's First Steps
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Earn While You Learn: How parents get smart and get stuff

Everybody says kids should come with owners’ manuals. We’ve got the next best thing. Join our Earn While You Learn program to get your pregnancy and parenting questions answered. You’ll get customized, one-on-one classes on the topics you most want to know about.

Double up on the learning and the rewards by bringing your partner along. Both men and women are welcome to join the program. We figure if both parents know how to do their job well, their families will be even happier.

While you’re doing all that learning, you’ll be earning Baby Bucks. Then you can use them to "buy" what you need, all for free, at our Baby Buck Boutique.

You can earn Baby Bucks even beyond the walls of Choices Pregnancy Center. Click the button at right to learn how.

Baby Buck Boutique

Located inside our center, our boutique stocks brand-new items all parents need. You’ll find things mothers want like maternity clothes and self-care products, plus a range of baby items from diapers to sleepers to strollers.

And none of it will cost you a cent. It’s our way of making the job of raising children just that much easier. Isn’t becoming a fantastic parent enough for today?

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