Choices Pregnancy Center's Free Services

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    Medical services to confirm and evaluate your early pregnancy

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    Pregnancy options consultation

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    Life coaches who can help you make positive life changes

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    Parenting support during pregnancy and beyond

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    Referrals to resources that will help you reach your goals

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    Post-abortion healing alongside a caring mentor

Couple with Obstetrician

Whether you are considering abortion, parenting or making an adoption plan, you need accurate information.

Time to think things through and have someone support you along the way.

Medical Services

You need to make many important choices early in a pregnancy. That’s why we offer free pregnancy testing and free limited obstetrical (early-pregnancy) ultrasound services. All in a quiet, confidential setting where you can take time to process what you find out.

Make an appointment with our nurse for a high-sensitivity pregnancy test. Once you know for sure you are pregnant, you can choose to have an ultrasound to tell you how far along you are, where the pregnancy is located (in the uterus or outside it), and how viable your pregnancy is.

Options Consultation

Whether you are considering abortionparenting or making an adoption plan, you need accurate information, time to think things through, and someone to support you along the way. By talking privately with one of our compassionate staff members, you can explore the pros and cons of all your options, ask whatever questions you have, and learn about the resources available to you.

Life Coaching

At Choices Pregnancy Center, you have access to a professionally trained life coach who can help you make positive life changes. Not pregnant? That’s okay. Our coach serves anyone who:

  • Is (or is at risk of) dealing with an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy
  • Is raising young children
  • Has concerns about the risks to their holistic health because of their sexual choices

Don’t let life keep holding you back. Get life coaching and experience breakthrough.

Parenting Support

Not sure what comes next if you choose to continue your pregnancy? At Choices, you’ll find the practical and emotional support you need during pregnancy and beyond. And our support services are for you whether you decide to parent your child or make an adoption plan.

Join our Earn While You Learn program to take customized one-on-one classes with a mentor. You choose the classes that fill gaps in your knowledge of pregnancy and/or parenting. And with each class you take, you’ll earn Baby Bucks to get yourself all-new baby supplies and equipment from our Boutique. Both mothers and fathers are welcome to join Earn While You Learn.

Referrals to Resources

With our broad network of friends in agencies and organizations across our area, we can connect you with those who can help you reach your goals for the future. The resources available may surprise you.

Post-Abortion Healing

If abortion is already a part of your story—either recently or long ago—we invite you to sit down with a caring mentor to process the experience and how it affects you today. Find a path to peace with the past.

All services are free and confidential.

The information on this website is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional counseling or pre-natal care.

Please note, our center does not perform nor refer for abortions.

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