Pregnancy Decisions

A pregnancy options consultation lets a woman ask her questions and learn all the facts so she can make an informed decision about her pregnancy.

Pregnancy Options Consultation: It’s How to Make the Best Decision

When it comes to making major stressful decisions-like what to do about an unexpected pregnancy-it can be far too true: “React in a moment, regret for a lifetime.” Taking time to get a pregnancy options consultation can help you avoid a lifetime of regret. Here are five reasons why: Pausing helps you get a handle […]

Pensive young woman considering early pregnancy ultrasound

Why Do I Need an Ultrasound so Early in My Pregnancy?

Early pregnancy ultrasound helps a woman make fully informed decisions by revealing important medical insights about her pregnancy.

Choosing adoption or abortion requires lots of thought and prioritizing your values.

Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

The outcome of your pregnancy is a difficult decision with implications that will change your life. You are the only person qualified to make this decision. Learning more about the options of abortion or adoption can help you clarify your choice. Abortion Abortion is the process of terminating a viable pregnancy. There are two types […]

Facing a pregnancy decision, aren't you glad you have choices?

Aren’t You Glad You Have Choices?

You always have choices. Even in an unexpected pregnancy. Let no one tell you otherwise. There is always more than one way to address the things you fear, the things you dread, the things that make it all look impossible. So take a moment, sit quietly, and breathe deeply. You are not alone in a […]

Each choice in pregnancy changes a woman's life differently

Which Pregnancy Choice Will Change My Life for the Best?

Pregnancy-especially one that catches you by surprise-leads to making choices. Becoming pregnant has already changed your life. The choice you make next will change it further. Let’s talk about each choice you have available: abortion, parenting, and adoption. How will abortion change my life? One of your choices might be to terminate your pregnancy. Depending […]

when told to get an abortion, women hear hidden negative messages about their abilities, worth, and future.

What Hidden Messages Lie Behind “Get an Abortion”?

When a woman hears she should “get an abortion,” what hidden messages do those voices send her? For just a moment, let’s stand in the shoes of Lizzie, a woman with an unexpected pregnancy. How does that advice make Lizzie feel? “You can’t handle this” At first, the messages Lizzie hears sound sympathetic and compassionate. […]

If a good thing like pregnancy comes at a bad time, fix the real problems.

What if Good Things Come at Bad Times?

Good things don’t always arrive at the best time. In fact, sometimes good things come at bad times. The question is, does that make them bad things? Think of a farmer who wants to plant his crops but gets a rainy day. Is the rain bad just because it came before planting? No, even an […]

Stop the falling dominoes. Pause to find a better way forward.

Isn’t it Time to Stop the Falling Dominoes?

One choice leads to another, the way one domino falls and knocks down the next one. Sometimes, though, those choices don’t lead you where you want to go. If you find yourself in an unwanted place, pause. Before one more domino falls, think carefully about your next choice. It can seem easy to “do the […]

When it's complicated, pregnancy can amplify that.

“It’s Complicated” and Now There’s a Pregnancy Too

Few things make life feel as complicated as an unexpected pregnancy. Especially when things are already complex. We would like life to feel settled and peaceful. But for most of us, it’s rarely that way. Life is Usually Complicated For one thing, our lives are a web of relationships. Partners, friends, co-workers, children… they’re all […]

I got my girlfriend pregnant. Now what should I do?

I Got My Girlfriend Pregnant – Now What?

Blindsided by your girlfriend announcing she’s pregnant? Now you’ve got the challenge of figuring out what to do next. Before you two decide, check out all your options. Weigh the pros and cons for your own situation. Take time to choose carefully, so you’re not blindsided by the consequences of your next decision. We’re ready […]

Pregnancy tests can reveal a lot about your partner.

What Your Pregnancy Test Reveals about Your Relationship

You can learn a lot from a pregnancy test. First, of course, it can reveal whether you’re pregnant or not. Second, taking the test may unleash emotions that reveal how you feel about a potential pregnancy. Do you see pregnancy as a setback? Or is it an event you’re excited about? Third, your test results-either […]

Can a woman trust this pregnancy center?

Can I Trust a Pregnancy Center to Help Me?

When a woman suspects she is pregnant-when she had no plans to be-she wants trustworthy help finding a positive solution. Can she trust a pregnancy center to be that help? Choices Pregnancy Center, with offices in Redwood Falls and Marshall, Minnesota, stands as just one example of the kind of help women can expect from […]