Aren’t You Glad You Have Choices?

You always have choices. Even in an unexpected pregnancy.

Let no one tell you otherwise. There is always more than one way to address the things you fear, the things you dread, the things that make it all look impossible.

So take a moment, sit quietly, and breathe deeply.

You are not alone in a long, dark alley with only one door leading out. You are actually at a crossroads. A place from which many doors open outward.

The best door to choose is the one that leads to a future you won't regret. Let's talk about how to find that door.

Facing a pregnancy decision, aren't you glad you have choices?

Choices that Shape Your Future

When facing an unexpected, unplanned, or unwanted pregnancy, it may seem easy to reach for the door marked "abortion." After all, wouldn't ending the pregnancy fix everything? Like everything will go back to "normal." Like you can stuff all the feelings and pretend nothing happened.

But you're a much more complex person than that. And you deserve a solution that addresses all of who you are.

So, hang on. Before you grab that doorknob, think. The choice you make will shape your future. Wouldn't it be a good idea to make sure you've got the best door for you?

You Have This Chance

Right now, this painful, sometimes scary spot you're in offers you a chance. It's a chance to take a good look at your life. A chance to choose who you will be, not just what you will do.

So take the chance. Dare to dream about what you really want out of your life. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How pleased am I with my romantic relationship? What would make it better?
  • What would need to change for me to be ready for (or interested in) parenting a child?
  • Why is this pregnancy undesirable? Is someone pressuring me to make a choice that, deep down, I don't believe in? Is my living situation at risk? Is money tight? What kind of support would make a difference for me? Where could I get that?
  • How will I be changed by the choice I'm about to make? Who can I trust to help me figure that out?

Looking squarely at these questions may just change the shape of your life. The answers may help you see doors ahead that you would have missed before. Don't settle for an easy out. Choose the solution that will move your life forward--in the direction you want to go.

Find Out About All Your Choices

There's a place where it's safe (and free) to talk through your feelings, concerns, and fears regarding this pregnancy. A place you can tell your story and know you are really heard. A place full of people who really care about you.

No guilt, no shame, no pressure. Just you, your advocate, and your story.

That place is your local pregnancy center. Their desire is to listen, to lay out all your options (including some you may not know about), and sit with you while you consider how each one of them might play out for you.

If you live near Redwood Falls or Marshall, Minnesota, that place is Choices Pregnancy Center.* We're here because we care. And we'll be here for you even beyond whatever choice you make.

You matter to us. So chat with us today, using the little chat box in the lower right corner. Or text us at 507-637-2534.

Still not sure? Look into our services, scroll through our FAQ's, and read a snippet on the options we can open up to you. Then get in touch.

There are so many doors you could open.

We hope the next one will be ours.


*Live somewhere else? We can help you find compassionate people like us in your area. Just text us.