Will our State Laws on Abortion Change?

TODAY our Minnesota representatives are considering legalizing abortion up to birth with no restrictions (the PRO Act, H.F1). See the state release here:

Next in line is H.F 91, which would, among other things, allow minors to seek abortion without parental notification, no longer require that women receive state-mandated information 24 hours before an abortion, allow abortions to be provided by non-physicians, remove regulation of abortion facilities by the Dept. of Health, end abortion reporting, and require no treatment of infants born alive after an attempted abortion. Here's the state's release on that:

Further, under HF289, the Positive Alternatives Grant which provides a significant portion of our funding, is being reorganized in a way that only those willing to perform or refer for abortion could receive those funds. See the proposed changes here:https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bills/text.php?number=HF289&version=0&session=ls93&session_year=2023&session_number=0

Your prayers are necessary NOW. Thank you for standing in the gap for women and families that will forever be impacted by these extreme measures.

St. Paul capitol building where laws are made--and changed.