“It’s Complicated” and Now There’s a Pregnancy Too

Few things make life feel as complicated as an unexpected pregnancy. Especially when things are already complex. We would like life to feel settled and peaceful. But for most of us, it’s rarely that way.

Life is Usually Complicated

For one thing, our lives are a web of relationships. Partners, friends, co-workers, children... they're all complicated people. So, our relationships reflect that. Pregnancy means we’ll be adding another relationship. How will this new one impact all the others?

Another complicating factor can be our living situations. If having a home is not a for-sure thing—like when it depends on which partner we’re with, or on how we’re getting along with family members or roommates—we feel stressed. Will adding a baby to that situation add more stress?

When it's complicated, pregnancy can amplify that.

Get Answers to Complicated Questions

Adding a pregnancy to a complicated life can feel scary. But fear won’t help us make wise decisions about what to do next. What can help is to have a trustworthy person sit beside us, listen as we talk it out, and help us identify our deepest questions. Next, of course, we’d like to find some answers.

These are exactly the ways Choices Pregnancy Center staff can help women with complicated lives.

First, women appreciate getting Choices’ free hospital-quality pregnancy test and free early-pregnancy ultrasound for all the medical facts on their pregnancy status.  That builds them a factual foundation for good decision-making.

Further, women find Choices’ staff excels at compassionately listening to their unique stories and helping them explore all their options. With this safe place to ask all their questions and get straight answers, women face the future feeling calmer, informed, and empowered.

Thanks to Choices, women dealing with unexpected pregnancy feel stronger and more confident.

Even when life is complicated.

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