Pregnancy Testing

Taking our free, medical-grade pregnancy test* is an excellent first step toward making wise choices about your potential pregnancy.

How a pregnancy testing appointment works

During your appointment you will:

  • Meet with our nurse who will listen carefully to your individual concerns
  • Complete a set of questions to help you and our nurse assess your overall situation
  • Collect a urine sample in our private bathroom
  • Receive your results, confirmed by our nurse
  • Consult with the nurse as you consider your next steps
Ultrasound Close Up

If your pregnancy test is positive:

You will receive up-to-date, state-approved pregnancy information to help equip you to make a plan for your pregnancy.

Next, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Schedule an ultrasound to determine the status of your pregnancy (such as gestational age, location of the pregnancy, viability)
  • Explore the pros and cons of all your options

You can present our nurse’s pregnancy diagnosis to a physician as proof of pregnancy for obtaining insurance and/or pursuing further medical treatment.

Woman Holding Pregnancy Test

If your pregnancy test is negative:

Even if your test is negative, it is possible you are pregnant with a low level of pregnancy hormone (hCG). The nurse will help you decide if you need to take another test later.

Meanwhile, you’re in a great place to discuss the concerns that brought you to Choices Pregnancy Center. You may find there are choices you’ll want to make differently in the future to avoid unnecessary sexual risk. We’re here to help you sort that out.

*Our pregnancy tests will detect as little as 20 mlU/hCG (unit of measuring human chorionic gonadotropin – the hormone your body produces during pregnancy), compared to over-the-counter tests which may only detect between 25 and 100 mlU. This means that our tests are more sensitive and will be more likely to detect the pregnancy hormone earlier (98-99% accurate within 7-10 days after conception). A positive test indicates the presence of hCG hormone but does not confirm location or viability of pregnancy.

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