Isn’t it Time to Stop the Falling Dominoes?

One choice leads to another, the way one domino falls and knocks down the next one. Sometimes, though, those choices don’t lead you where you want to go.

If you find yourself in an unwanted place, pause. Before one more domino falls, think carefully about your next choice.

It can seem easy to “do the next thing.” But what if that choice takes you even farther from where you wanted to go? Is there a choice that could move you in a better direction?

The Pregnancy Domino

An unexpected pregnancy may be your most recent domino to tumble. This is a high-stakes domino, influencing the futures of at least two people. (Three, counting the father.) Pausing at this moment gives you time to evaluate:

  • How far along is my pregnancy?
  • Is my pregnancy viable?
  • Is my pregnancy healthy? (An ectopic pregnancy, for instance, would require quick action to protect your health.)
Stop the falling dominoes. Pause to find a better way forward.

Based on these medical facts—which you can learn from an ultrasound—you’ll be equipped to carefully consider all the options available to you.

But don’t feel like you have to face this decision alone. A client advocate at Choices Pregnancy Center can give you the compassionate emotional support you need, along with complete, accurate information to answer all your questions. You can also learn about the variety of resources available to you.

With help like that, you’ll find it easier to make a choice for your pregnancy that will move you in the direction you most want to go.

Looking back can help you make better choices for your future

Here’s something to think about: What were the dominoes that fell before the pregnancy one? One moment spent looking back might help you pinpoint where things first went wrong. Knowing that may help you make better choices for your future.

The Relationship Domino

Pregnancy didn’t happen magically. It took two people having sex, which usually means there was some sort of relationship between them. Maybe it lasted one night, maybe it’s still ongoing.

The choice that led to sexual activity within that relationship was the domino that toppled the pregnancy domino. If you don’t like where your relationship choices have taken you, maybe it’s time to make different choices.

Consider talking with a life coach at Choices Pregnancy Center. Our trained coach will be your mentor, helping you examine your life and set a course for change. Read this to see how it would work for you.

Isn’t it time you made relationship choices you are proud of?

The Lifestyle Domino

Go one step further back. Before you made relationship choices, you chose a lifestyle where those choices were possible. Perhaps you chose to make hooking up part of your style. Or maybe you’re in a long-term relationship and thought sex would be okay now, only somehow, it’s not.

Whatever choices you’ve made, if they don’t fit right anymore, it’s time to re-evaluate them. Try asking yourself these five questions. See what you’re inspired to change.

Stop the Falling Dominoes

Choices Pregnancy Center is here to help you change course into a life that delights you. We get how easy it is to slip into habits we wish we could break. To not have the energy to even think about how to change. To want something different, but never take time to figure out exactly what that is.

We’re here to give you that safe place to stop the falling dominoes. Talk through what brought you here, and get equipped to make better choices for the future.

Because, after all, “life is a series of choices.”®

Let’s talk today.