Can I Trust a Pregnancy Center to Help Me?

When a woman suspects she is pregnant—when she had no plans to be—she wants trustworthy help finding a positive solution. Can she trust a pregnancy center to be that help?

Choices Pregnancy Center, with offices in Redwood Falls and Marshall, Minnesota, stands as just one example of the kind of help women can expect from their local pregnancy center.

First, the professional and caring staff provide a generous slate of free services. These range from medical services to education and beyond. All services are offered confidentially and compassionately, without judgment or pressure.

Second, at Choices Pregnancy Center, women are treated with dignity and respect. They can take their time in this safe space to ask their questions, voice their concerns, and explore all their options. Then, armed with the facts, women feel empowered to make a confident choice they can be proud of. For women who choose to continue their pregnancies, additional services are available to help support them through pregnancy and beyond.

Can a woman trust this pregnancy center?

What Services Does This Pregnancy Center Offer?

Choices’ Services page reveals a variety of free services, common to many pregnancy centers:

  • Medical services: Free pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ultrasound
  • Options consultation: A chance to ask questions and get the facts on all pregnancy options, including parenting, adoption, and abortion
  • Life coaching: Mentoring geared to help individuals choose and follow a path toward the life they want to live
  • Parenting Support: Customized one-on-one classes for those who want to understand pregnancy and grow as parents. Participants can earn Baby Bucks to get any baby or maternity supplies they need from Choices’ Boutique (or a nearby community partner) at no cost.
  • Referrals to resources: Connections to people in the community who can provide additional help
  • Post-Abortion Healing: A path to peace with the mixed emotions and consequences of previous abortions, whether recent or long past.

Why Should I Trust This Pregnancy Center?

Women trust can trust a pregnancy center like Choices because the team demonstrates four key qualities: expertise, integrity, objectivity, and compassion.

Women trust Choices Pregnancy Center's professional, caring services


Medical services are performed by the Nurse Manager (an RN), overseen by the Medical Director (an MD practicing in a local hospital).

The entire staff receives ongoing, up-to-date training through affiliations with international, national, and regional organizations on the cutting edge of pregnancy help services.


The team at Choices walks their talk, living by their mission statement: “We affirm life as a gift from God, no matter what the circumstances. We empower people to make life-affirming and healthy decisions about sex, pregnancy and relationships.”

Choices Pregnancy Center believes women deserve to hear the truth delivered in love, without discrimination. Truth helps women build a firm foundation for their future. And love affirms their unique personal value.


Because pregnancy centers offer all their services free of charge, they have no financial stake in whatever option women choose for their pregnancies. They can simply present the whole truth and let women choose.

By contrast, organizations that charge for their services must protect their bottom line. Those organizations must see that women to choose services that profit the business, whether or not those services are best for the women themselves.


The Choices Pregnancy Center team has as its goal “to build relationships, demonstrate trustworthiness, and provide a safe and comfortable environment where our clients will be encouraged to grow in positive ways and will be shown the love of Jesus.” Most people would agree that it would be hard to find someone more compassionate than Jesus Christ. He cares about you, so Choices does too.

Learn more about Choices and what they stand for here.

You can learn more about pregnancy centers in general by scrolling through this site that also debunks common myths about centers.

Find Out for Yourself

Women can trust a pregnancy center like Choices Pregnancy Center in Redwood Falls and Marshall, Minnesota, to give them the caring, confidential, and nonjudgmental support and services they need when facing a difficult pregnancy situation.

Check it out yourself. Reach out today to discuss scheduling a visit.