Baby Bucks Lower the Pregnancy Price Tag

Pregnancy can be pricey. Pricey enough to make you wonder if you can handle having a baby. But Choices Pregnancy Center offers you a way to reduce that price tag--and simultaneously gain confidence in your child-bearing and child-raising abilities. You can do it all with Baby Bucks.

What are Baby Bucks?

Baby Bucks are the cash substitute you can use to get the supplies you need before and after a baby arrives--up through your child’s first year or more. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the “stuff” required to make it through pregnancy and parenting. With Baby Bucks, that stuff costs you no money. That’s right. You can shop in the Baby Buck Boutique at Choices Pregnancy Center without spending a dime.

What can Baby Bucks buy?

Our Boutique is stocked with brand new baby clothes and supplies, diapers and wipes, toys, equipment (like strollers and high chairs, diaper bags and Pack-and-Plays), hygiene items, and even maternity clothes.

In addition, you’ll find some handmade blankets, burp cloths and baby clothing from ladies in our community who want all little children to have something with a “grandmotherly” touch.

Baby Bucks and Earn While You Learn Lessons can get you the supplies you need at no cost to you.


So how do I get Baby Bucks?

You can earn Baby Bucks through two main avenues: through the activities you do with community agencies, and directly through Choices Pregnancy Center’s Earn While You Learn.

Earn While You Learn is made possible in part by grant funding from the Minnesota Department of Health, through the Positive Alternatives Act.]program. That’s because here at Choices we believe every wise action you take is a step toward a better life for you and for your child. And that’s something we reward!

In the community--

You can earn Baby Bucks by:

  • getting good grades / studying for your GED
  • attending prenatal classes
  • visiting with the public health nurse
  • taking parenting classes or mentoring sessions
  • attending church or Bible studies
  • keeping your WIC appointments
  • going to Early Childhood classes
  • meeting with your probation officer
  • visiting your doctor, doula and/or pediatrician
Baby Bucks Reward Request Form

Just ask the person in charge of your class or appointment to fill out a Baby Bucks Rewards Request form like the one above. (If they don't have forms on hand, they can print one from our website.) Then bring that form in to our office to “cash it in” for Baby Bucks.

From Choices Pregnancy Center--

Join the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program and receive:

  • personal attention from a Choices staff member who will listen to your concerns and questions, then help you decide what you most want to learn
  • video-based lessons, selected just for you, to answer your questions and meet your unique needs
  • one-on-one coaching on the subjects that interest you, ranging from pregnancy and childbirth to parenting and adoption or managing your money and relationships
  • eligibility to purchase big-ticket items in the Baby Buck Boutique (see the infographic above).
  • classes for Dad, too! (Double your Baby Bucks whenever both parents attend lessons.)

Click here now to ask us for more information on Earn While You Learn.
You can also download our Earn While You Learn brochure here or by clicking on the picture at right.

How do I spend my Baby Bucks?

Bring them into Choices during our business hours (Monday - Thursday from 10:00 - 4:00) and a staff member will happily assist you with your purchases. You can save them up or use them the same day you earn them. All the Baby Bucks you earn are yours alone, and may not be transferred to another person.

Where do I sign up for Earn While You Learn and start collecting Baby Bucks?

Call, text, or stop in today  to set up your first EWYL appointment--you’ll earn your first Baby Buck just for signing up. And we’ll give you an extra Baby Buck when you mention that you heard about Earn While You Learn through this blog. Begin now to gain new confidence in your choices--for you and your baby.


What are some baby items you’d like to see our Boutique carry?
Send us your ideas or requests through our Facebook page.