How to Reconnect with Hope Despite Unexpected Pregnancy

Unexpected pregnancy doesn't have to disconnect you from hope.Have you ever lost hold of a kite string? Maybe the wind ripped it from your hand, sending your kite swirling wildly and then plummeting, out of control, toward a crash landing. Disconnected from it, all you could do was watch helplessly as the kite fell.

That’s how we feel when we lose hope. Our connection to the future we pictured is broken. Our dreams rush toward the ground. A crash is imminent.

Or so it seems.

If there’s one situation that can make us feel we’ve lost the strand of hope that linked us to our bright future, it’s discovering we’re pregnant when we didn’t want to be. Suddenly life seems to spiral out of control toward disaster.

It’s as if one moment we were flying along a zip line, with the wind in our hair and the sun in our eyes, only to have the cable come loose at the far end. With no connection holding us on course, we have nowhere to go but down.

Unless we can find hope.

Reconnect with Hope

Unlike a broken zip line, your life can be reconnected to hope.

So if an unexpected pregnancy has threatened to disconnect you from your dreams, pause.

Take a deep breath and say no to fear. Because you’re not really falling. Yes, life has changed, but you can make wise choices and create a new, hopeful future.

Being hopeful is powerful.

So give yourself space to consider your next steps carefully.

Explore your options

Now’s the time to evaluate all the possibilities before you. Riding the zip line, so to speak, you didn’t have to think about where you were going. But maybe this pregnancy is your chance to re-think your destination. Maybe there is something you’ve been doing that you now realize you would like to change.

Don’t assume all is lost. Explore the options you have now. Some of them may surprise you.

Own your ability to control what you can

Being pregnant changes some things, but you still have control of many aspects of your life.

For example, you control how you respond to your circumstances, who you get help from, and which of your values you live by. Take charge of these things and decide to make wise choices about how you move forward from here.

"Where there is no vision, there is no hope." -George Washington Carver

Picture yourself succeeding

What would it look like for you to come through this challenging time successfully? Or, in other words, who do you want to be on the other side of this challenge? Mentally draw a picture of yourself: How will you look 5 years from now, or 25 years from now, after making a decision about this pregnancy that you are proud of?

Aim for that. When you do, you will re-connect with hope. You will link yourself to the future you want to see happen. And that kind of hope can give you the energy, the patience, and the endurance to do everything it will take to get there.

Hope connects your present to your past and future giving meaning to them both.

We’ll walk with you all the way

Remember, you don’t have to face this challenge alone.

Choices Pregnancy Center exists to give you the support, information, and encouragement you need to regain hope and successfully navigate to the future you want.

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