Envision Your New Year: Pregnant with Possibilities

Unplanned pregnancy doesn't have to hit like an avalanche. Envision a new year pregnant with possibilities.You didn’t expect to be expecting.

But here you are, pregnant.

An unplanned pregnancy sweeps you up in an avalanche of change. You’re tumbling downhill, hardly aware which way is up, and you’re faced with zillions of decisions. It feels impossible to think about the big picture of your life. Even when you know you need to.

How can you possibly plan ahead? What good are plans when your highest hope is merely survival?

The Future Can Be Yours

Here, grab my hand. Let me offer you some firm ground to stand on. Let’s brush you off and give you a place to catch your breath. There is a way to survive this avalanche. And not just survive, but thrive. You can lift your eyes from this chaotic moment and begin to shape a happy new year for yourself. Here’s how.

Find Your Inner Anchor

To begin taking back control, you need an anchor. You need to anchor yourself to what you value most. Take a quiet moment—maybe when you’re lying awake at night, or in the early morning before life gets going around you—and ask yourself:

What do I most want to be true about me?

Answering this question tells you where you want to end up. It’s so easy to get bogged down in simply getting through each day. But then you lose sight of the most important part: the kind of person you really want to be. Think about that first, and your next decisions will be clearer.

Embrace the Beginnings That Come From Endings

Life is made of things that begin and end. And endings can be painful. Yet endings often clear the way for new beginnings that are greater than anything we’ve said good-bye to.

You’re at a point of crisis, where naturally some things are going to end. Let yourself grieve the things that are ending. That pain is very real.

Now a new beginning waits for you. What will you do with it? Ask yourself:

As I let go of the things that are ending, what is the best thing I can begin to take hold of?

Be bold here. Picture that person you want to become, and reach out for something that will take you in that direction. Begin the steps to become that person.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

You know who you want to become. You’ve decided the new beginning you will make. Now you need to surround yourself with people you can count on to support you and help you move forward—especially on those days when the going gets tough.

Ask yourself:

Who can I hang out with that will support me in my goals?

Pick people who resemble the kind of person you want to be--people moving in the direction you really want to go. Together you can encourage each other to keep striving for the things that matter most to you.

"Pregnant" means both "with child" and "full of meaning and significance."

Choices Pregnancy Center Can Help

Here at Choices we love nothing better than to see women like you become the women they really want to be. We’re not about directing your life; we believe you can learn to do a great job of that yourself. We believe you need support, compassion, and resources. So that’s what we offer you.

If you are living near Redwood Falls or Marshall, Minnesota, check out how we operate. Come meet our staff and see if we’re the kind of people you’d like to hang out with. Learn about what we can give you.

If you live elsewhere, find another pregnancy resource center near you by chatting on Option Line. Wherever you are, you can always access our blog topics that interest you and connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

We’re here for you. Because we believe your new year really is
pregnant with possibilities.