Why is Our Pregnancy Center Called Choices if We Value Life?

Pregnant women need real choices: multiple options, truthful information, and freedom to choose and follow through--all available at Choices Pregnancy Center.Have you ever wondered why we’re called Choices Pregnancy Center? Does that mean we are pro-choice? Or pro-life?

If you’re one of the people who wonders, let us take you beyond the hackneyed labels and talk about why we’re here for women making real choices about real lives.

What’s a Choice?

In order for a woman to have choices—real choices—about her pregnancy, she has to have three things:

  • More than one option to choose from
  • All the truthful information she needs to understand each option
  • Real freedom to choose and follow through on the option that is true to her deepest values

So, yes, we want to empower women to make choices about their pregnancies—choices that honor their values.

That’s something that sets us apart from many who claim to support choice for women but are actually financially motivated to herd women toward one choice over others. We, on the other hand, charge nothing for any of the services, supplies, or time we give our clients. We do not gain financially from any choice our clients make.

Here’s how we support women as they choose.

All the Choices

A pregnant woman knows she has three options: parent her child, select adoptive parents for her child, or abort her child.

But in the stressful early days after discovering she’s pregnant, she can feel like some options aren’t really available. Carrying a baby is a major commitment, and she may not feel ready for that task—let alone what comes after the child is born. She may also be pressured from others to make a snap decision, to get a quick fix, before she’s had time to really think things through.

That’s why we take time to help a woman discover all the resources that are available to her. (Some resources are right here at Choices and others are out in the community. Some are within the woman herself.)

Our experience shows us that when women realize they are not stuck in a hopeless situation, they would rather give their child life than end that life. So we work to help women discover a way to reach their personal goals without having to compromise their values in the process.

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Informed Choice

We strive to tell women the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the options they have. We don’t hide the medical facts about fetal development, for example. We are upfront about the documented consequences they can expect from either giving birth, or making an adoption plan, or having an abortion.

Our clients learn they can ask any question, voice any concern, and expect to receive compassionate, truthful responses. We don’t conceal our faith-based foundations, so women are also free to talk over spiritual matters if they choose to.

Freedom of Choice

A woman facing an unexpected pregnancy will feel free to choose a challenging path if she knows caring people have her back. At Choices Pregnancy Center, we stand with our clients through whatever comes next after their decisions.

Even if we disagree with their decisions.

You see, we firmly believe that human life has intrinsic worth as a gift from God, from the moment of conception. Not all our clients see things that way. But that doesn’t keep us from our mission of caring for them with all the love they deserve.

So That’s Why We’re All About Choices

Women with unexpected pregnancies have to make tough decisions. We’re here to walk with them through that decision-making time and on into all that follows. We provide one-on-one education covering pregnancy and parenting through our Earn While You Learn program. We also offer personalized coaching to help women align their behaviors with what they really value.

So perhaps now you can see what we’re about: caring for and empowering women as they make important choices about their lives and the lives they nurture.

Because life is a series of choices.