Feeling Stuck? Your Life Coach Can Help

Find a new way forward with life coaching, and stop feeling stuck.Finding out you’re pregnant can reveal a whole lot of things.

. . . a weakness in your romantic relationship.

. . .the downside of some lifestyle choices.

. . . the feeling you’re stuck in a rut. And you want out.

But how can you change your life’s direction?

We Get By With a Little Help

When it’s time for a change, we all need someone who gets where we’re at, who can also help us get where we’re going.

But big change is a big deal. So we don’t want just anyone to help us. We want a mentor we can trust. A life coach. Someone who believes in us and in our ability to figure this out. And that coach had better be someone who’s good at this mentoring thing.

“So, what is a life coach? A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results.”

-Tony Robbins

What if you could find your own life coach to help you get where you really want to go?

Life Coaching: Help Toward Transformation

At Choices Pregnancy Center, we know pregnancy may be just the tip of your life’s iceberg. Just one of several things you’ve got going. That’s why we do more than walk with you through your pregnancy and beyond. We coach you.

Unexpected pregnancy may be the tip of life's iceberg. Life Coaching can transform the whole life.

We help you dig deep and figure out what you want to change and why. We ask the kind of questions that will make your eyes light up when you realize what you want out of life. We don’t advise, dictate, or compel. We help you explore the options before you. We empower you to choose your way forward. We help you learn to set goals, make plans, and commit to taking the next step. And the next one.

With each step you take, you’ll see your life change. As you put in the effort, we’ll stick with you the whole way. That’s what coaches do. We don’t do the work for you. We equip you with confidence and new tools to transform your life.

Your Coach is Waiting

Come put our life coaching experience and training to work for you. We’ve studied and practiced and passed the certification exam. We can give you Learning Journeys’ top-quality tools that are “based on the belief that you are resourceful and are the expert in your life.” We bring you these tools because we want you to “feel inspired and empowered to make long-term changes that will benefit you the rest of your life.”

Can you imagine it? With coaching, you can climb out of this rut you’re in. You can totally change your future.

What will that future look like? Do you want to have–

  • healthier relationships?
  • confidence in yourself?
  • more security and stability?
  • independence from toxic people?
  • freedom from habits that hurt?
  • hope for each new day?

With a life coach behind you, you can make it happen. You can stop feeling stuck and move toward the future you’re hoping for.


Is Life Coaching for you?
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