Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

The outcome of your pregnancy is a difficult decision with implications that will change your life. You are the only person qualified to make this decision.

Learning more about the options of abortion or adoption can help you clarify your choice.


Abortion is the process of terminating a viable pregnancy. There are two types of abortion, medical and surgical.

A medical abortion uses mifepristone and misoprostol to end the pregnancy and force it out of the uterus with vaginal bleeding and contractions. These drugs are only approved for use in pregnancies under ten weeks.

A surgical abortion is performed by dilating a woman’s cervix with a series of rods and then using suction to remove the embryo or fetus from the uterus. Additional surgical tools like a curette or forceps might also be used depending on how far along the pregnancy is.

Choosing adoption or abortion requires lots of thought and prioritizing your values.

Care should be taken to learn about the physical risks of abortion, such as incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding, and potential for an infection, as well as the mental health effects of abortion, which can include a greater chance of developing a mental health disorder like depression, anxiety, or substance use disorder.


Adoption can be challenging because it involves carrying the baby to term. For many women, though, knowing their baby is living and loved by a family makes the sacrifice worthwhile.

There are many options within adoption to consider, including three types of adoption:

  • Open adoption: the birth mother can choose the adoptive family where she wants to place her baby. All parties work together to determine a level of contact with which they are all comfortable.
  • Semi-open adoption: the birth mother and the adoptive family only communicate through a third party, like the adoption agency. All personal information remains private.
  • Closed Adoption: there is no contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. All information remains sealed.

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