Pregnancy Options Consultation: It’s How to Make the Best Decision

When it comes to making major stressful decisions—like what to do about an unexpected pregnancy—it can be far too true: “React in a moment, regret for a lifetime.” Taking time to get a pregnancy options consultation can help you avoid a lifetime of regret.

Here are five reasons why:

  • Pausing helps you get a handle on your stress.
  • A pregnancy options consultation lets you evaluate the pros and cons of pregnancy in your unique situation.
  • New options and new medical facts may surface that you hadn’t considered before.
  • Viewing your options through the lens of your own values (not just this moment’s pressures) leads to being more satisfied with your decision.
  • Knowing you carefully weighed all your options gives you more confidence in your final choice.

You can set up a confidential, nonjudgmental pregnancy options consultation at Choices Pregnancy Center in either Redwood Falls or Marshall, Minnesota, by contacting us via phone or text. (See our chatbot in the lower right corner.)

A pregnancy options consultation lets a woman ask her questions and learn all the facts so she can make an informed decision about her pregnancy.

Still thinking about it?

Let’s look more closely at those five reasons a pregnancy options consultation could be your best bet in making wise decisions about your pregnancy.

Slow Down to Get a Handle on Your Stress

Life can feel pretty crazy when an unexpected pregnancy shows up. And crazy can feel overwhelming.

Unfortunately, when we feel overwhelmed, we usually don't make the wisest decisions. We react out of fear, using only the information we have on hand. Our window on the future narrows down to “How can I get out of this as fast as possible?” At times like that, we aren’t thinking clearly.

A pregnancy decision—because of its long-term consequences—is best made when thinking clearly.

That’s why Choices Pregnancy Center offers pregnancy options consultation. We provide women (and their partners, if desired) a safe place to slow down, catch their breath, and get a handle on their stress. They get a chance to let their minds zoom back out to see the big picture:

  • all the pieces of life that pregnancy touches
  • all the questions and concerns they wonder about
  • all the possibilities that lie ahead

No one should ever feel driven or trapped into just one choice for a pregnancy. Every woman deserves the time it takes to calm down and explore all her options. Because every woman deserves to face her future with confidence that she chose the very best way forward.

Evaluate Your Unique Situation

You are making a pregnancy decision from within your own unique set of circumstances. Your relationships, your background, your goals, your job situation and more make up your own special life. That’s why your decision may need to be different from someone else’s. And that’s why sitting down to discuss your own circumstances with a compassionate advocate is vital to choosing the option that is best for you.

In a pregnancy options consultation, your advocate will help you think through parts of your story like:

  • How much support do I have?
  • What goals have I set that will be impacted by either continuing or ending my pregnancy?
  • What matters most to me, and how do my pregnancy options fit with those values?
  • How are the important people in my life reacting to this pregnancy? How does that impact what I want to do? Why?
  • How would I describe my living situation, my job status, and my physical and mental health? How might pregnancy fit with those things?

By looking at your own life picture, you will be better able to see how to make a pregnancy decision that works for you.

You receive all kinds of advice from social media, the news, movies, and your friends. But you are not those people, and their experience will probably not be yours. You owe it to yourself to evaluate your pregnancy options with an unbiased, caring advocate who lets you take time to choose a path that is custom-made for you.

Equipped with all the facts, a woman can confidently choose the best option for her pregnancy after an options consultation.

Gain More Decision-Making Information

If your main source of information is Google and social media, be aware that those platforms send you information they think you’ll like, based on what you’re looked at before. But that can keep you from finding out new information you didn’t know existed.

And when you’re about to make a big decision, isn’t it better to know all your options and all the facts? (Not just the ones you’ve heard a million times before.)

A pregnancy options consultation can help you access new information. At Choices Pregnancy Center, we make it our mission to equip women with all the facts they need and deserve so they can make a fully informed choice.

For instance, you are likely to hear lots about the abortion pill. But unless you’ve gone digging deeper, you may not have heard about a documented medical procedure called abortion pill reversal. (Yes, reversal is a valid, highly successful medical procedure that uses progesterone to stop the progesterone-blocking action of the first abortion pill. Ask us more and learn about doctors in our region who provide this service.)

The same is true of your other options, adoption and parenting. Lots of stories circulate, and lots of false information gets passed around. It can be hard to find out about the resources available to help you navigate life after you choose one of those options.

You need to know what’s real and what help is available if you want to choose wisely. Come hear the truth from people committed to giving you accurate facts so you can decide based on complete information.

Stay True to Your Values

It’s easy to make a snap decision out of fear, instead of based on your values. A pregnancy options consultation gives you a chance to remember what matters most to you, and then shape your future in a way that makes you proud of yourself.

Everyone has values. And if someone else’s values conflict with yours, you have to stand strong to defend what matters to you.

Choices Pregnancy Center values you. You are a special, unique individual created on purpose for good things. Your life matters. We don’t want to see you compromise on any of that. We serve you free of charge so you never have to wonder if we’re pushing you toward a decision that will pay off for us. (Abortion providers, on the other hand, are paid for their services, so it’s in their best interest to convince you to get an abortion.)

We’ll stay true to what we believe, and we’ll empower you to do the same.

Face the Future with Confidence

There’s nothing worse than choosing something, and then finding out later you could have chosen something else…if only you’d known.

But when you have taken time to find out all your options, carefully think through all the risks and benefits of each one, and decided upon the one that you know is best, you’re free to go forward confidently.

A pregnancy options consultation empowers women to face their future with confidence.

Every option for an unexpected pregnancy can be difficult in one way or another. But with a pregnancy options consultation, you can weed out the ones that are difficult in too many important ways. The one you settle on then will be the one you can see yourself celebrating for years to come.

Let’s Talk

Make today the day you take that important first step: scheduling your pregnancy options consultation. We’ll be here to listen, support, and equip you to make the best pregnancy choice for your future.