What Hidden Messages Lie Behind “Get an Abortion”?

When a woman hears she should “get an abortion,” what hidden messages do those voices send her? For just a moment, let’s stand in the shoes of Lizzie, a woman with an unexpected pregnancy. How does that advice make Lizzie feel?

“You can’t handle this”

At first, the messages Lizzie hears sound sympathetic and compassionate. “Poor Lizzie,” she hears, “you’re in such an impossible situation. The only way out is to end this pregnancy.”

Behind that, though, is a hidden message. Lizzie hears she needs an abortion because she isn’t able to handle her circumstances.

She isn’t enough.

She doesn’t have enough.

She can’t do enough.

That's discouraging.

when told to get an abortion, women hear hidden negative messages about their abilities, worth, and future.

But what if Lizzie found someone who did believe in her enough to empower her to chart a life-giving course through this challenge?

“Your future will be bleak”

Some people suggest Lizzie should get an abortion because life can be hard for women raising children without a support system. But wait: How does anyone know she will end up unsupported? No one can see Lizzie’s future. They can only guess at it.

Why do they guess that she won’t have any help?

What if Lizzie finds out just how much FREE help is available—both during and beyond her pregnancy? What if she will have plenty of support—like supplies, community resources, pregnancy and parenting education, and life coaching?

What if her future is actually bright?

“You need an abortion to succeed in life”

Lizzie hears the hidden message that she will never get ahead if she has a baby now. Maybe she wants to finish school, or get/keep a job, or have a high-powered career. Having a baby could certainly change the shape of her trajectory toward those goals. But will it defeat her?

Who says “success” needs to look a certain way? Life is full of unwelcome surprises, throwing up roadblocks and setbacks to our plans at really bad times. But success always comes by finding a courageous way past our obstacles. Can’t Lizzie muster the courage to embrace her life’s changes and find a new, life-affirming way forward?

Recognize the hidden messages

Lizzie may be so shocked or discouraged by discovering she’s pregnant that she believes these hidden messages. She’s already down on herself. And maybe others are pressuring her to act right now. Why not give in to the hidden messages and believe there’s no other hope, right?

Why not? Because those messages are not true.

At Choices Pregnancy Center, Lizzie will hear truthful messages.

She will hear that she has great value.

She will hear that she is capable of overcoming big obstacles to have a good life.

And she will hear that she has caring friends waiting to stand with her—starting now and going into her future.

A future we believe is bright with hope.

Do you know a "Lizzie"? A woman who is believing the discouraging hidden messages she’s hearing? Then send her to us. Let’s help women facing unexpected pregnancies find out how many good choices they actually have.