How to Empower Pregnant Women for Success

Empowering women facing unwanted pregnancy means reminding them of their strength, not telling them they're not strong.Trini* faced an unwanted pregnancy in the midst of a job loss and a broken relationship that left her homeless just before college resumed in the fall. How do you empower a woman like Trini?

Some would say it’s empowering to “solve” one of Trini’s problems by ending her pregnancy. The rest she’ll just have to figure out by herself. In this case, what messages does Trini hear?

  • You are not smart enough to find the help every parent needs.
  • You are not capable of raising a child or choosing an adoptive family.
  • You are not strong enough to handle school and a child.
  • You are not important enough for us to care about your other problems.

Hmm. Doesn’t sound very empowering, does it?

Real Empowerment for Women

So what would really empower Trini? What if, instead, Trini were told,

“We believe you can handle this. Let’s work together to find a positive solution.”

Is that empowering?

You bet it is. Trini would hear:

Those are the positive messages Choices Pregnancy Center communicates to all women who come to us during challenging pregnancy situations. We help them assess what they have going for them and what community resources they want to use. We remind them of who they are and what they CAN do. Because we believe in empowering women.

Our clients may enter our doors scared, overwhelmed, and uncertain. But as we work together, their confidence grows. They go forward knowing they are equipped to create a positive life for themselves and their children.

If you or your friend are looking for help facing an unexpected pregnancy with confidence,
call or text us today.


* "Trini" is a representative, composite client.