Do You Need a Lighthouse in Your Storm?

A lighthouse shines to provide direction, warn of danger, and show someone cares.When life gets stormy, most people need help navigating the rough seas. Never is this truer than when the sky darkens over your most important relationship, especially when it is challenged by an unexpected pregnancy.

That’s why Choices Pregnancy Center is here: to stand as a lighthouse for you. Whether you're worried about unseen dangers, you're seeking a safe harbor, or you just want to know that someone cares enough to give you hope in the midst of this storm, we’re here to shine some light into your darkness.


The Light That Points the Way

One crucial job of a lighthouse is to give sailors a point of reference. Long before GPS, travelers relied on lighthouses shining from known points along the shore to help them find their way on a stormy sea. Because each lighthouse was uniquely painted and assigned a particular pattern of light flashes, once a sailor spotted a certain lighthouse in the distance, he knew exactly where he was.

That’s what Choices Pregnancy Center does for you when you are being pounded by life’s wind and waves. With so much going on, you can easily get turned around and feel like you’ve lost your way. Regain your sense of direction by connecting with our staff for some one-on-one mentoring or life coaching.

A lighthouse lets you know where you are, so you can regain your bearings.


The Light That Warns of Danger

Lighthouses stand where dangerous rocks or sand bars hide beneath the waves, warning sailors to steer clear of the hazards that could end in shipwreck.

In the same way, Choices Pregnancy Center stands positioned to warn you about the dangers hidden beneath the surface of unhealthy relationship patterns, self-destructive habits, and engaging in sex apart from committed relationships.

A lighthouse warns of hazards so you can avoid danger.


The Light That Shows We Care

A Russian seaman once said that a weary sailor sees a lighthouse shining out toward him as a “mark of sympathy expressed by his fellow men. Suddenly he sees that he is no longer alone in the midst of the ocean waves; he sees that people are caring for him…”

Choices Pregnancy Center cares for you, too. Shining a light of hope across your stormy life is our way of saying we get where you’re at and we stand ready to help. Yes, life is tough right now. But we want to help you find your way through this storm safely.

Come find safe harbor… where you can relax and take a break from the pounding waves… where your voice can be heard… where you can get back on course. Come see that you don't have to face this alone.

A lighthouse can beckon you to a peaceful harbor.


Stop in today, or call or text us the minute you find yourself floundering.
This light is shining for you.