Your Resilience Superpower and How to Get it

Resilience in the face of an unintended pregnancy helps you move forward in a good direction.What do you do when an unintended pregnancy threatens to radically change your life?

Life has thrown you a curve, and you’ve got to deal with it.

In a word, you need to be resilient.

Resilient people bounce back. They hit hard times and still find a good way forward. They fall down and climb back up again.

Where do they get this superpower?

More importantly, how can you face this pregnancy with resilience?

What You DON’T Need to be Resilient

You don’t need to be some kind of super hero to be resilient in the face of a pregnancy challenge.

You don’t have to—

  • Have all the answers. The main answer you need is to the question, What matters most to you? Knowing what you value will make forging ahead easier.
  • Have lots of wealth. You may have many resources within reach—even if money isn’t one of them.
  • Find easy solutions. The best solutions may not be the easy ones.
  • Fake it ‘til you make it. Resilience is not about pasting on a smile when you’re crying inside. It’s being real and doing your best.

What You DO Need to Be Resilient

Four big things will help you be resilient:

  • Hope. Hope comes when you believe something good can happen. When you believe there is a good way forward.
    Hope lets you see a way forward in difficult circumstances.
    Sure, pregnancy will change things. But change can drive you to re-examine what you hope for. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
    At Choices Pregnancy Center, you’ll find a safe place to do that re-thinking. Here, we know the power of hope. And we have plenty to share.
  • Purpose. Do you have a reason to bounce back? What do you have to gain—or lose? We’d love to help you zero in on what you really want out of life. When you have a goal to reach for, you’re more likely to push through to reach it.
  • Courage. You will need to be brave to be resilient. Moving ahead against obstacles isn’t easy. At times you may feel discouraged. But if you have hope, and you have a purpose to achieve, it will be easier to muster the courage to keep going.
  • Support. Having someone on your side, someone helping you out and cheering you on, can make all the difference. If you feel all alone, hard times just seem harder.
    That’s why at Choices Pregnancy Center, we make supporting you our top priority. We’re a team of people who have been through our own hard times. We all received help, and we want to pass help on to you.

What Resilience Gives You

By developing resilience in the midst of challenges, you’ll create for yourself—

  • A legacy of bravery. Imagine being an inspiration to the next generation. When your child grows up, he or she will get to hear your story of courage and learn to be brave, too. You’ll be able to say, “I made it through. You can too!”
  • A future. Today, you can’t even imagine tomorrow. But being resilient in the face of this huge challenge opens the door to dreams you have never yet dared to dream. Hold on, and find out what tomorrow holds!
  • Next steps you can take. Once you resolve to take this unexpected journey, you’ll discover more opportunities right around the corner. You may find a new route you never knew existed.
  • Confidence. Life is full of surprises. You may need your resilience superpower again someday. After what you accomplish this time, you’ll have confidence to tackle any new challenges that come your way.

How to Develop Resilience

Come to Choices Pregnancy Center when you face pregnancy-related challenges. We’ve helped hundreds of people in the same situation.

With us, you can:

  • Take time to talk through what matters to you.
  • Get our supportive team on your side.
  • Make choices you will be proud of.
  • Learn the facts about all your options.
  • Discover all the help that’s available to you.

We’re here to build your resilience.


Call or text us today to get started.