Building Resilient Families through Change for Life

When life hits hard like a hurricane, what does it take to stay standing?


Resilience is “the ability to recover readily from adversity.” In other words, resilient people can bounce back after trouble hits.

Are You Resilient?

Our community includes lots of folks who are hardy enough to bounce back after trouble. Maybe you’re one of them.

But we also have some who aren’t prepared to face big problems. In fact, they’re feeling a little “punch drunk” from being perpetually pelted with problems. They don’t have what it takes to keep standing.

To these people, an unexpected pregnancy may come as just one too many blasts of that hurricane-force wind. For women who’ve been caught in too many storms, it may seem like ending the life growing within them is the only way to escape just one of their problems.

But what if they knew there were people who could help them stand strong? What if they could move through the pregnancy to reach the other side—with their child?

What if…

You Can Help Build Resilience in Others

What if you and others like you—people who are already standing strong—shared your strength with those who lack it? You can. Join in the resilience-building work already going on at Choices Pregnancy Center.

Choices Pregnancy Center is a place where moms and dads—pregnant and/or parenting—can find the emotional support, education, practical supplies, and community connections they need be resilient through pregnancy and beyond.

And you can help that happen.

Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you can pick up an empty baby bottle to fill with spare change. Get one at your participating church or right here at the Choices Pregnancy Center office. Then return your filled bottle around Father’s Day. It’s that easy.

All the change you contribute will be put to work supporting struggling women (and men) and their families through an unintended pregnancy and beyond.

You can change a life—maybe even save one—with your spare change.


Below is a list of churches participating in the Change for Life baby bottle campaign from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day:

Alliance Church, Redwood Falls
Assembly of God, Redwood Falls
Christ’s Victory Lutheran, Redwood Falls
Church of the Living Word, Redwood Falls
Cornerstone Church, Redwood Falls
Evangelical Free Church, Redwood Falls
First United Methodist Church, Redwood Falls
Revere Christian Fellowship, Lamberton
St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, Redwood Falls
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Redwood Falls
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Lamberton

This church already completed the 2019 campaign during Lent:
Echo Alliance Church, Echo

And this church plans to participate during Advent:
Grace Community Church, Olivia

Choices Pregnancy Center thanks all our area churches for their ongoing support of our ministry.