How to Boost Your Parenting with Our Community Network

Parents need support networks that encourage them to grow strong and healthy for their families' sakes. Choices Pregnancy Center provides that network.Being a parent is a big job.

You need to stay healthy physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and financially. Fortunately, our community is full of people who can help you do that.

But sometimes it can be a challenge to find all those helpful people.

So we’ve made it easier.

Choices Pregnancy Center is all about helping parents be strong parents. And we know all parents need help. So we’ve built up a network of partners who can support you in staying (or becoming) strong and healthy for the sake of your family.

When we see you could use our partner’s services, we help you connect with them. And our partners send their clients to us when they need us.

Who’s in the Network?

Our partners are people and groups that help families do healthy things. They work with programs like:

Other partners are:

Here’s a quick look at where you can find some of the organizations in our network:

Are There Perks to Working with a Partner?

Every time you, as a client of Choices Pregnancy Center, meet with one of our partners, you can earn a voucher for Baby Bucks. Baby Bucks let you “buy” all kinds of baby supplies and equipment from our Baby Buck Boutique—at no cost to you.

Pick up vouchers, like the one pictured below, at Choices to take to your meetings with partners.

Baby Bucks Reward Request Form

If you want a sneak peek at our Boutique, come look in the window. We’re directly across from the Food Shelf. (See directions here.)

How Does it Work?

It can go two different ways.

First, let’s say you’re already a client of ours at Choices Pregnancy Center, and part of our Earn While You Learn program.

  1. You come in for your one-on-one class time with your advocate (where you’re already earning Baby Bucks).
  2. As your advocate works with you, she recognizes that you need the kind of help one of our partners provides.
  3. With your permission, your advocate at Choices gets you connected with that partner.
  4. Each time you meet with our partner, you get them to sign a Baby Buck voucher.
  5. You add those vouchers to your other Baby Bucks and bring them to Choices when you’re ready to cash them in for diapers, baby clothes, or other things you and your family need.

On the other hand, let’s say you started out meeting with one of our partners.

  1. Maybe you attend a local church, go to Early Childhood classes, have prenatal appointments with your doctor, or meet with a probation officer or social worker.
  2. While you’re doing those things, the people there recognize that you could benefit from working with Choices Pregnancy Center’s Earn While You Learn program. So they refer you to us.
  3. You set up an appointment and we get you signed up for Earn While You Learn.
  4. Now you’re set up to get both kinds of help, all while earning Baby Bucks at both places, to help you meet your family’s needs.

That’s a pretty good system, wouldn’t you say? You do good things to strengthen yourself and your family, and in the process you get things you need—for free—just because you’re being a good parent.

It’s our way of saying, “Good work, Mom and Dad!”

Why Do We Do It?

We know good, strong parents raising healthy families make our community a great place to live.

We want to see you be some of those parents.

Your community will thank you. And, best of all, your kids will thank you.