If Not for Your Courage: a Salute to Unexpected Mothers

Becoming an unexpected mother requires courage--courage that Choices Pregnancy Center salutes!This is for all the women we know who didn’t expect to be mothers, but dared to embrace that privilege. Today we’re singing your praises, for you have willingly embarked on a courageous journey.

…a journey whose outcome is still invisible in the mists of the future

…an adventure that comes with no guarantee of fame or fortune

…an odyssey into the unknown

You chose to give life to a child you could not yet see. If not for your courage, where would that child be?

Your courageous choice deserves honor. So today we salute you—and these are just some of the reasons why…

You Loved Someone Else More than Yourself

You alone know how much you sacrificed to give your child life. (Just as you alone can feel the joy that loving this child brings you!)

But it’s no mystery to anyone looking on that you love this child above yourself. You show it in the ways you choose to live.

When you make your home a safe and welcoming place, you’re telling your child, “I love you.” When you take parenting classes to refine your style of nurturing, that’s loving, too. And when you develop healthy relationships to surround your child with, you’re wrapping her with a blanket of love.

You are love in action. And you’re beautiful to see.

Love is more than a feeling. It's what mothers DO.

You Risked Changing Your Life

Motherhood came upon you while you were making other plans, didn’t it? Yet here you are, rearranging everything to make this work. You have proven to be flexible, resourceful, and brave in the face of a shock that rocked your world.

Not everyone is up for that. But you are. You have found out where to get the help you need—and everyone needs it, you know. Now you’re forging ahead to create a life that looks quite different from the one you expected.

You have boldly gone where few are willing to go.

Even an unexpected mother can find courage to smile at the future.

You Hoped for What You Could Not See

In those first moments of finding out you were expecting a child, you couldn’t imagine how you could possibly be a mother right now, right here, right in the midst of all this.

But gradually, as you came to understand all the options within your reach, and all the resources available to you, you moved from desperate to hopeful. You began to believe that there was indeed a way through—a way that didn’t require you to sacrifice the goodness that matters most to you.

Your road has been far from easy. But you’ve met the challenges and climbed on toward the light, toward the brighter future you now believe in.

Courageous mothers have faith that gives them confident assurance for things they can't yet see.

You Believed in Your Child

You are your child’s first hero, her first best friend. Though other voices may have counseled you to end your pregnancy, you stood up for this little person whom you had never met.

Stop and think a minute what that will mean to your child someday.

You believed in her before you ever saw her. You protected her, nourished her, gave birth to her. Not because she earned your love. Not because she had proven her value. You simply loved and valued her because she was her.

In a world that bombards us with messages that we are unlovable and worthless, your child is starting life with a mother who already loves and treasures her. What a priceless gift you have given your child!

A mother believes in her child before that child can learn to believe in herself.


Bless you, all you courageous Mothers!

Remember that we care about you—simply because you are you.

We’re here for you as you continue on your mothering journey—through pregnancy and beyond.
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