What if Good Things Come at Bad Times?

Good things don’t always arrive at the best time.

In fact, sometimes good things come at bad times.

The question is, does that make them bad things?

Think of a farmer who wants to plant his crops but gets a rainy day. Is the rain bad just because it came before planting? No, even an impatient farmer would say soil moisture is good. He’s just disappointed it postpones his planting.

If a woman receives a bonus at work, but it comes long before she’s ready to purchase a house, does the timing make the money bad? No, it’s still money in the bank.

Pregnant at the Wrong Time?

Now, what if a pregnancy comes at a bad time? A lot of people would say having a baby is a good thing. But having a baby when you weren’t planning to can feel like really bad timing.

However, just like money and rain didn’t become bad things when they came at the “wrong” time, pregnancy itself isn’t a bad thing. Women’s bodies were designed in such a way that pregnancy is actually a normal, healthy process.

And a child is not a bad thing. A child is a valuable human being—a good thing.

If a good thing like pregnancy comes at a bad time, fix the real problems.

So, if pregnancy is a good thing and a child is a good thing, then they are not the parts of unexpected pregnancy that need fixing. The parts to fix are the circumstances that make it a bad time for this woman to be pregnant.

How to Address the Real Problems

When a woman says her pregnancy comes at a bad time, she’s usually facing some or all of these common situations.

Financial Need

Providing for a baby is costly. No doubt about it. That’s why pregnancy centers like Choices Pregnancy Center in Redwood Falls and Marshall, Minnesota, give families access to free baby and maternity supplies. (Check out the Baby Buck Boutique.)

Other community organizations offer additional things families need. So, Choices helps parents connect with our network of partners to make sure they get all the help they’re looking for.

Money worries don’t have to make pregnancy feel like a bad thing.

Relationship Issues

Sometimes a woman doesn’t want the father of her baby to be part of her life going forward. Reasons can range from abuse to just not getting along.

At Choices, women can express all those worries and receive the kind of support they need to deal with them. We have worked with couples to help both partners mature into being better parents than they thought they could be. We have also assisted women in finding protection from an abusive partner.

Using our Life Coaching skills, we listen carefully to women and ask powerful questions that help them plan the best ways to deal with their unique situations. Working with us, women feel empowered to solve their relationship problems, so pregnancy can feel like a good thing again.

Changed Plans, Broken Dreams

Unexpected pregnancy can feel like a major interruption. Wherever a woman saw herself going next, pregnancy pops up like an obstacle in her path.

But what if she can find a way over this speed bump? What if she can push on through to reach her dreams and accomplish her plans?

Choices Pregnancy Center helps women find a positive way forward, using all the resources they have available. Their first reaction to a positive pregnancy test may have been panic. But we give women a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental place to face this surprise calmly and with wisdom, based on complete, truthful information.

We believe women are amazingly resilient.  Equipped with medical truth about their pregnancies, all the facts about their options, and knowledge of the resources they have available, women can make wise decisions they will be proud of for the rest of their lives.

Women can overcome bad timing to enjoy the good things that come their way.