Powerful Connections: When Your Friends Have Friends

The right friends may be just the connections you need in a crisisWhen you face a crisis, you find out how powerful connections are. It goes back to the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Sometimes, who you know makes the difference between succeeding and failing in tough times.

Facing an all-new crisis—whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic or an unexpected pregnancy situation—can make you feel like you’re missing some connections you need. That’s when you need a friend to introduce you to new friends who can help.

But not just any friends. You want the right new friends: friends who can truly help you achieve what matters to you.

The Right Friends

So what makes friends “the right friends”?

The right friends will:

  • care about what matters to you, not just to them
  • want what will be best for you, and help you stay calm so you can figure out what that is
  • stick with you long term, not just dump advice and disappear
  • have some experience getting through what you’re facing

But how do you find friends like these?

Meet Our Friends

The compassionate team at Choices Pregnancy Center would love to be your “friends with the right friends.” You can bring all your concerns to us, and know that you’ll be heard.

Wouldn’t it be great to just—

  • talk with someone who cares?
  • get answers to the questions whirling through your head?
  • have a place where you can take your time, calm down, and think out loud?

That’s what we offer you. Hundreds of women (and men) have found us to be trustworthy friends who will not only listen to you, but also help you envision and create a positive way forward.

Because our connections become yours. We know “the right friends” out there who can meet the needs you have. Our community is full of people with the expertise and resources you need. And we’d love to introduce you to them.

Here’s a short video of our teammate Gwenn, describing how our connections are helping people like you every day.

Make a New Friend Today

Come get connected with the right friends to help you through your challenges. All it takes is a call or a text to get started.