Toddler Climbing

Do This vs Don’t Do That

Can you relate to this parenting fail? My two-year-old son teetered on the peak of the dog house. “Don’t fall!” I yelled. Guess what? He fell. I expected an accident and I talked about an accident. And sure enough, an accident is what I got.  I should have pictured a safe behavior and told my …

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True Love or Cheap Copy?

Valentine’s Day turns our thoughts to love. Whether or not you are a romantic, it is important to recognize what true love is. Is your relationship based on love, or on something else entirely? Love is….    Focused Outwardly. Love always thinks of the other person and tries to do what’s best for him or her. …

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Prenatal Care

Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Birth: Taking Care of Yourself and Your Baby

Prenatal care is very important to you and the life of your baby.  Prenatal care should begin around 8-10 weeks of pregnancy and should continue until the birth of your baby.  You may not feel or look any different in the beginning, but growing inside of you is a tiny baby who needs the best care …

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Boy Full of Paint

When To Discipline Your Child?

When is it the right time to start disciplining your child?  How do you discipline your child?  Why should you discipline your child?  If you have asked yourself these questions or wondered about discipline, please keep reading and you will get a few tips that can help you raise your child.  Discipline is one of the most important gifts you …

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What is PURPLE Crying?

Babies cry and we, as parents, want to make them feel better and soothe their crying.  So, why does it seem that babies go through a period in their life where they cry for no particular reason and nothing seems to make them feel better?  The answer may be: the period of PURPLE crying. The term …

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Staying Calm

Staying Calm When You Don’t Feel Calm

Your baby cries. That is normal.  Yet, when your baby cries for long periods of time it can be very frustrating for you and create feelings of anger or resentment towards your baby.  It is important to remember that these feelings are normal and that most people have gone through a time where they have felt that …

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Bonding Picture Choices

What is Bonding?

You may have heard of bonding but never really understood it.  Or maybe you don’t even know how it works or why it is important.  If this is you, then read on and find out more. What is bonding? Bonding is an emotional and physical attachment that occurs between parents and their child. In fact, it is one …

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Mom Multitasking


Always on the go? Babies crying, toddlers whining, not to mention never a moment alone. As a mother or father of little ones, you can easily become overwhelmed and over-stressed. The moment your little one is born you may have been filled with an immense love and joy. You may have vowed to do whatever …

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