Finding Peace After Abortion

Women side by side“I’ve never told anyone about my abortion.”

“It was so long ago. Why does it bother me now?”

“It was my only option. But I wonder, what if…”

“I don’t really know what I feel about my abortion . . . relief . . . regret . . . confusion . . .”

Looking for a safe place to talk about your abortion? Trying to make sense of the different feelings you’ve experienced? Ready to seek closure and resolution? Then we have what you’re looking for.

Come gather one-on-one or in a small group around the book Worthy of Love, by Shadia Hrichi. (Click here  to read a sample chapter.) Our goal is to let Shadia’s personal story guide us to find the same wholeness and healing she discovered. She found out she was worthy of God’s love – and you’ll see that you are, too.

In this group, you’ll find an accepting, open place where you can share your own unique story and discover the way to true peace with the past.

We will explore topics like:

  • Lies we believe
  • Secrets we keep
  • Masks we wear
  • Burdens we carry

Author Shadia Hrichi says her own experience teaches that “time does not heal our wounds; in fact, it buries them deeper.” Come embrace the chance to stop hiding your wounds and start finding healing and hope for a future lived in true freedom.

“Time does not heal our wounds; in fact, it buries them deeper.” -Shadia Hrichi Click To Tweet

Please don’t keep suffering silently.
Come find the compassionate, non-judgmental help you’ve been needing.
All it takes is a call or a text to launch you along the path to healing.