Finding Support in Pregnancy or Infant Loss

Loss of a child during pregnancy or infancy brings deep grief. Choices Pregnancy Center can help.The loss of a child—whether through miscarriage, infant death, or abortion—can be an emotionally dark time. Grieving parents respond in different ways, too. Some want to keep their child’s life in view at all times, while others want to tuck the memories away where few people can see them.

There is no one right way to grieve pregnancy or infant loss. But having supportive, caring people on hand while you’re grieving is essential. Parents may want to talk with immediate family only, or they may want to talk to more objective friends whose emotions won’t be as raw as their own. They may even want to connect with other people who have been through similar loss, who can assure them that this can be survived and that they are handling the grief process well.

We’re Here for the Grieving

The staff at Choices Pregnancy Center cares about the families of our community who grieve the loss of their children. We are willing to hear the stories, catch the tears on our shoulders, and offer support for the road ahead.

We assist our friends, neighbors, and clients who face pregnancy and infant loss in three significant areas: miscarriage, SIDS, and abortion.


According to the March of Dimes, “For women who know they’re pregnant, about 10 to 15 in 100 pregnancies (10 to 15 percent) end in miscarriage.” This means many of our neighbors are likely to be grieving a pregnancy loss at some time in their lives. Perhaps you saw this article in our local paper featuring families willing to speak up about their losses. And parents aren’t the only ones grieving. Grandparents and siblings who looked forward to a child’s arrival are sorrowing, too.

So rather than letting sorrow isolate bereaved families from social contact, we encourage those who grieve to seek out others who understand and sympathize.

Some parents have found it helpful to join one of our staff in privately viewing the video “Pregnancy Loss” with us. It helps to hear that they are not alone in what they are feeling. In addition, we recommend attending Compassionate Friends, a bereaved parents support group. (Contact us for additional help reaching them.)

We are here to sit and talk with bereaved parents by phone or in person. We know it hurts, and we care.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome claims well over one thousand infants in their first twelve months, according to the Center for Disease Control. The unexpected nature of this loss leaves deep pain in parents’ hearts.

And while our Safe Sleep educational lessons are helping parents reduce the risk of SIDS, we know not all SIDS deaths are preventable.

For parents who grieve a child’s loss to SIDS, we are here. We listen to them and support them. We stand with our families who must go through the investigation following an unexpected infant death, and advocate for them whenever necessary.

With our care and support, and that of groups like Compassionate Friends, parents can find a way through this sorrow and loss.

Remembering the babies we carried but never held, the ones we held but could not take home, those who came but could not stay.

Post-Abortion Healing

Pregnancy loss through abortion can be one of the toughest losses to talk about, and one of the most confusing forms of grief to process. That’s why we specialize in listening to those bereaved by abortion—both women and men—in order to understand where they stand now and what they need to move forward.

One thing they don’t need is judgment. Most need a non-judgmental place where they can honestly look at the impact of their experience. Only then can they prepare to find healing from those wounds. As a faith-based organization, we are free to help parents address all aspects of their grief: the emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual results of their experience. We walk with them through the whole journey, helping them reach a position of health, forgiveness, and freedom from their pain.

At Choices Pregnancy Center, we don’t try to pretend that choosing abortion was either an easy decision or an insignificant one. We let those bereaved by abortion “tell it like it is.” With us, no one has to hide their true feelings or ignore the fallout in their lives. We are continually developing a variety of individualized approaches to dealing with this issue—from a video lesson to spark openness about the abortion experience, to mentoring through a Surrendering the Secret study, to group sessions and (in the future) weekend retreats.

We know healing from this kind of loss takes time. So we are here to walk beside the grieving down the long road into healing.

If you or someone you know is ready to receive help processing the impact of pregnancy loss through abortion, please contact us today to set up a confidential, one-on-one appointment. Today could launch the first step on the road to peace.


In addition to being caring and confidential partners in your journey through grief and beyond,
Choices Pregnancy Center serves as a hub to connect you to other forms of help you need.

Let us know what you’re looking for. If we know someone who can provide it better than us, we will tell you how to get what you need.

Call or text us today.


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