New Entrance Improves Privacy, Convenience, Flexibility and New Staff to Fill Vital Role

Choices Pregnancy Center is more accessible to our clients thanks to our new entrance.This page was updated on July 17, 2017.

When you enter the lower level of the Armory Square, you will notice our new entrance straight ahead, before you turn down the long hall. To better serve clients we have opened a new reception area on the north end of our suite of rooms. Two events encouraged us to make this change.

First, the Food Shelf,which is directly across the hall from our office door, has become a very busy place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to noon, and volunteers work other days stocking shelves and handling the produce that is now avail-able there. Moving our entrance and reception to the north end of the hall allows for less congestion and more privacy in and out of our office. The entrance is also more visible and easier to find.

Secondly, Lighthouse Counseling, Ltd., a Christian counseling practice in Hutchinson that specializes in the building of strong marriages and healthy families, is bringing services to Redwood Falls. They have contracted with us for Amber Dell-Green, MS, LSC, NCC to use our reception area and education room in the evenings for sessions with her clients. Further questions may be directed to them at 507-788-0944. We are pleased to welcome this new service to our community.

[Note: Since this post was first published, Lighthouse Counseling has moved into its own office, just down the hall in our building.]

We are excited for a new, welcoming entrance for clients and for the increased privacy. You are always welcome to stop by and see the new developments at Choices Pregnancy Center. We would love to give you a tour.

New Staff

[Note: For an updated look at our current staff, see our Meet the Staff page.]

Kara MoserWe warmly welcome Kara Moser, who joined the staff of Choices Pregnancy Center in March 2013.

In her part-time position as Manager of Online Communications, Kara will focus on using our website, social media, and other electronic means to better connect with potential clients. Transportation and work or school schedules often make it challenging for a client to make an appointment at our office. By enhancing our electronic communication, we will be able to interact with women who need our services and information are unable to come in regularly.

Kara received an Associates Degree in Early Childhood in May of 1999. She served on the board at Choices for just over two years. She currently serves on the steering team of the local mom’s group, “Mom Time,” and is director of the Wednesday evening Kids Club at Cornerstone Church.

Kara moved to Redwood Falls in September of 2004 with her husband Mike. She is the mother of three children: Isaiah, Elijah, and Hannah.