Pregnancy Help – Why Our Hearts Overflow at Thanksgiving

We are filled with gratitude for all the joy our pregnancy help clients bringDiscovering positive solutions for difficult pregnancy situations may sound like hard work. But here at Choices Pregnancy Center, we are grateful for all the joy it brings. In fact, when Thanksgiving comes around, just thinking of all the people we get to serve brings gratitude bubbling up in our hearts.

Every person we meet, every conversation we share (even the tough ones), every hug given and received, every visit from the children we knew first as a “baby bump”… Every one of these makes us grateful.

And while we would love to show you all the faces we’ve come to know and love, we have promised to preserve our clients’ confidentiality. So may we just share with you some of the beautiful things they have given us opportunities to be grateful for?

Precious Children

  • Each child in a woman’s womb that she chooses to preserve and protect
  • Newborn little people entering the world, enriching us all
  • Giggling toddlers leaving our Baby Buck Boutique with cute clothes and new toys
  • Children welcomed by birth parents and adoptive parents

Growing Families

  • Couples growing together as a team raising a child
  • Grandparents who rally around their children with unintended pregnancies
  • Women and men working hard to become good parents
  • Mothers who return years later to share their success stories

Caring Community

  • Kind-hearted people in local agencies who assist new families
  • Churches that open their arms to young parents and their children
  • Defenders and protectors of families—those who wear uniforms and those who don’t
  • Supporters who give of their finances and material goods to help our client families

Lasting Hope

  • A loving God who cares about men, women, and children, and who paid the ultimate price to give them hope forever
  • The transforming power of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Each new life—another gift to be cherished and for whom there is a hopeful future

"Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."


With so many wonderful things to be grateful for, can you see why our happy hearts are overflowing? We hope your heart feels just as full.

From the staff, volunteers, and board of directors of Choices Pregnancy Center, please accept our wishes for your very Happy Thanksgiving.