Sex & Your Future

Take a minute to dream. . .

about your future
about your life
about who you want to be

What does your dream look like? Are you laughing with some good friends? Are you finishing school and starting a good job? Are you settling into a nice home with a family you love? Are you learning a new skill or hobby? Or something entirely different?

Woman in Red Coat

Now the big question: Is the road you’re on today taking you toward your dream? Or away from it?

Fact is, every choice you make today either brings your dream closer or pushes it farther away. Some choices may even keep your dream from ever happening. Take, for example, choosing to have sex outside of marriage. Such a choice carries you closer to a future that includes:

Couple In Winter

On the other hand, choosing to wait for sex until you’re married sets you on a course toward a brighter future. By choosing to avoid sexual entanglements, you become more likely to accomplish your goals, develop strong relationships, stay healthy, and feel better about yourself. You have a better chance of achieving your dream.

Would you like help setting a course toward the future of your dreams?

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