Tips for a Spring Break to Remember

Spring Break Jump for JoySpring Break at last! College students and all the rest of us who are tired of the old, cold routine are excited about getting away from it all. So go have some fun worth remembering, by keeping these five tips in mind.

Travel as a team. If you travel a great distance by car, alternate drivers. Make sure somebody is awake at all times--and two awake somebodies will keep each other safer than one. Check out these 8 safety tips for long drives.

Be aware. Know what's going on around you. If a person or situation is making you uneasy, grab your friends and move to a safer place. Keep track of each one of your friends. Never leave one member of your group alone among strangers. And the folks you've just met on spring break are strangers, you know. Predators are watching for likely targets, so know how to keep your guard up while having fun.

Color inside your own lines. If you've already set wise personal boundaries at home, don't ditch those boundaries just because you're on vacation. Continue being yourself. If the partying crowd pressures you with the lame cliche, "You only live once," remind them that means you only have one life to be proud of. Years from now, do you really want your future boss or new boyfriend to find embarrassing photos of this Spring Break still circulating online?

NOT everybody's doing it. Drunkenness, drugs, and orgies may be what you see on TV shows, but there are lots of real people who are actually out there having fun. Fun while conscious. Fun worth remembering. Don't get sucked into drinking excessively or jumping into bed with someone. Choose some thrills that won't leave you sorry in the morning--or forever. Go surfing or swimming. Check out stores you've never shopped before. Hike the trails. Take tons of pictures. Eat a new local food. Do something to help someone else, maybe through Habitat for Humanity or another local organization.

Take a load off. Aim to finish spring break feeling relaxed and lighter. Don't slink home dragging a heavy load of regret. Make the most of this chance to change your pace and have some fun to remember!


Start this spring off right, whether at home or away, by making healthy and wise choices
about your lifestyle and relationships.
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