20/20 Vision for Life: Seeing the Impossible Happen

Gain 20/20 Vision for Life at Choices Pregnancy Center's Annual Banquet“Minnesota Nice” is alive and well in our community. But many of us feel being “nice” isn’t enough. We see hurting families and individuals, and we want to heal the pain and help people find positive solutions in difficult situations. We want to offer compassion to all those struggling people.

Sometimes that can seem impossible.

But maybe it’s not—if we work together.

Wondering how? Consider joining us for an evening of inspirational clarity: The 20/20 Vision for Life Banquet.

Learn more and reserve your free seats here.

We have invited author Debra Moerke to share from her challenging experiences as a mother by birth, adoption, and foster parenting. With a story of costly compassion, as told in her book Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace, Debra understands how your desire to help your neighbors may sometimes draw you into an arena of hard work and sacrifice. You’ll be encouraged to pursue that desire anyway, and find the strength to see it through.

(Don’t wait! The deadline for reserving your seats is March 14.)

Even if you can’t make the banquet, don’t let that stop you from helping hurting families—people struggling with relationship problems, unexpected pregnancies, unhealthy habits, and lack of material resources. We can team up to help them.

Want to join a successful movement?

Choices Pregnancy Center has been building healthier families for over 25 years. Your partnership could enable us to keep offering pregnancy and parenting classes that empower young parents to grow their own healthy families. Or you may want to help us continue to reach and educate students about sexual integrity and healthy relationships. You may want to work with us at making sure women (and men) facing tough pregnancy situations get complete information about their choices—including awareness of all the help that’s available to them when they carry their pregnancy to term.

Want to find ways you can plug in?

You have a unique combination of passions, resources, and abilities. What if you could put them to work in building a healthier community?

For example, at Choices Pregnancy Center, we have volunteer opportunities that range from stocking our Baby Buck Boutique, to working directly with clients as an educator/advocate.

Contact us to learn more. Better yet, come share supper with us at our 20/20 Vision for Life banquet and find out who we are and how you can get involved. Register here.

Each drop in the bucket reaches farther than you once thought possible.

Impact Outstrips Size

You may feel your contribution—of funds, time, or energy—will be too small to matter in a community full of needs. But there’s a reason why “every little bit helps.” Small actions have multiplied impact when offered in the context of a network.

At Choices Pregnancy Center, we maintain close ties with a vast array of community organizations and agencies to link our clients to all the possible avenues of help they need. Your “drop in a bucket” will make waves that ripple outward, making a difference far bigger than you once thought possible.

God can make the impossible happen.