6 Things Every Mother Needs to Hear

On Mothers Day, and all year long, mothers need to hear words of affirmation from their children and others who love them.You’ve probably heard people say lots of things about motherhood. Some of those things aren’t so nice. Others truly are.

You're heard that motherhood is sweet. It’s thankless. It’s loving. Self-denying. Beautiful. Exhausting. Nerve-wracking. Career-ruining. Fulfilling. Satisfying. Endless. Over too soon. . .

If you are a mother, what words would you use to describe your life?

Maybe those words about motherhood run around in your head all day, your frustrations nipping at the heels of your joys. Tell them to quiet down for a minute. Take a deep breath. Now ask yourself, at the end of the day, what words would you most like to hear?

I’m guessing they’re something like these. . .

“Thank you.”

For all the everyday, far-from-glamorous tasks you do without anybody noticing, thank you. Thanks for cleaning up yet another spill. Thanks for taking care of your little one with the high fever and the upset stomach that emptied itself on you. Thanks for finding ways to make ends meet. Thanks for being the one your child can turn to when he’s scared or hurt or overflowing with happiness. Thanks for taking pictures to make special moments unforgettable. Thanks for meals, and bedtime stories, and Band Aids, and hugs.

“I love you.”

Because you say this often to your child, she will learn to say this back to you. Isn’t it a joy it is to hear the words come spontaneously from her little lips? When he hands you the first dandelion of spring or his “bestest” drawing of you, he’s saying “I love you” without words. When your child does kind deeds of her own, she is reflecting back the many I-love-you’s you have said to her--through your words and through all those little things you thought went unnoticed.

“I appreciate your sacrifice.”

You gave your body to be changed in surprising ways, in order to grow and shelter your child when he was most vulnerable. You gave up your free time to give your child all the attention and care she needs. You gave up bad habits in order to give your child a good life. You’ve stayed up nights so your baby could be fed, or so you would know your older child arrived home safely.

“You’re beautiful.”

Look at you—smiling at your child. You’re lovely. Sure, your figure has changed, but now you bear the beauty marks of a life-giving woman. You are beautiful to the little one whose favorite face is yours. You are beautiful when you stumble into a darkened bedroom, hair askew, to calm your nightmare-frightened child. You are beautiful when all the love in your family bubbles up in their eyes at the sight of you--just you, being you.

“I want to be just like you when I grow up.”

Mom, don’t let your mistakes keep you from seeing that you also do lots of things right. You have shown courage by facing and overcoming challenges. You have known disappointment and heartbreak and moved forward into healing. You have protected your child like a mama bear. Your use your unique talents to make your family life rich. You have learned—and taught—how to apologize. You are to be admired.

“I’m glad you’re my mom.”

You are the only mother who could have produced this exact child. Without you, this child wouldn’t be. You have the ability to mother this child in ways no one else ever could. Someday, this child will probably have children of his own, and then he’ll see as he has never seen before, how lucky he was to have you for a mom.

Mothers need to hear "thank you" and "I love you." They need to hear they are appreciated, admired, and treasured.


Happy Mother’s Day
from all of us here at Choices Pregnancy Center.

We’re here for you—always believing that you can become a great mom,
always ready to support you with compassion, understanding, and a willingness to share
what we’ve learned with the next generations of mothers.