Are You in Crisis? Help is Just Around the Corner at Choices!

Help is around the cornerSome movies just make me want to cry. Like the ones in which the leading actress is facing mounting problems:

  • She can’t pay the rent
  • She’s dying for lack of medicine
  • She has chased off the one man who really loved her

It looks hopeless. So she walks toward that dark, lonely bridge. She’s going to give up.

“Hang on!” I want to shout at her. If only she could see what I see:

  • The money for back rent is in her mailbox
  • The pharmacist just found one bottle of life-saving medicine
  • The man she thought she lost is speeding back to her

Change is just around the corner!

Have you ever felt like that star? You’re facing a crisis that looks impossible to deal with. All you can see is the trouble you’re in. You feel trapped, isolated, and hopeless. Maybe there’s a heavy load of guilt piled on top of all that, too. It’s easy to believe that nothing will change—that nothing can change.

If you’re in crisis and you can’t see past your problems, my message to you is, “Hang on! Change may be just around the corner.” Alone, it’s hard to handle a crisis. You need healthy relationships  with people who are able to help and support you.

You’ll naturally want to ask your friends for help. But maybe those closest to you are in crises of their own, and they don’t have anything to offer you.

Stop on by. We’re just around the corner.

Good news! Just around the corner are more people who really care and want to help you. In a community like ours, helpers can be support groups, educators, counselors, church families, government agencies or medical workers. People who can listen carefully and supply the resources you need to face your problems and make wise choices.

What kind of change would you like to see in your life? What help do you need to make that happen?  Come see us at Choices Pregnancy Center. We’d really like to help you achieve the change you want. We can also connect you to some great community resources.