“Keeping” Your Baby: What Does That Really Mean?

You can be very proud of yourself for making the life-giving decision to “keep” your baby. Yet that is just the first step. You can be very proud of yourself for making the life-giving decision to “keep” your baby. Yet that is just the first step. Once your baby is born, you won’t just be “keeping” him, you’ll be raising him. Let’s spend a moment together thinking through what life with your baby will be like.

Will it be like babysitting?
In a word, no. First of all, you won’t get paid for parenting. And no one will come take the baby off your hands so you can go home. Another huge difference is that babysitters don’t have to make plans for a baby’s future. Your baby will depend on you to do everything from remembering doctor appointments to preparing him for school someday.

Will it be like adding a new roommate?
Not so much. Roommates are supposed to clean up their own mess and help with the rent. Your baby will need you to do all that.

Will it be like having a new best friend?
Not quite. Babies are too little to lean on for support. Your baby will eventually bring you loads of love, but first he will need to soak up love from you so that he will have some to give.

Will it be like watching your sister’s kids?
Not really. You will probably feel very differently about your own child. When he is born, you are likely to feel a rush of protectiveness. Like a mother bear, you will want to do everything you can to keep your little one safe and happy.

Wow. Sobering, isn’t it? And maybe a little scary?

Okay, so turn that fear into energy. Let it drive you to learn how to be a good mom. Good moms soak up wisdom the way babies soak up love.

Take a deep breath. Now ask yourself: What wisdom do I need most?

  • I want to have a healthy baby. What can I do now, while I’m pregnant, to help that happen?
  • I know I’ll need help when the baby comes. What kind of support network should I have?
  • I’m worried about labor and delivery. How can I get ready for that?
  • I don’t think I can be the kind of mother my child deserves. Would adoption be best for my baby?
  • I’m not sure the guy I’m with will be a good father. How can I decide if this is a healthy relationship to be in?

Do you feel more focused now? Great. Then you’re ready to soak up some wisdom. Stop in at Choices Pregnancy Center.  We’d love to help you find the answers you need to help you raise your baby well.

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