I See Two

Young Woman with Pregnancy TestWhen you sit here in my counseling room at Choices, staring at your positive pregnancy test, I know I’m with two people: you and your baby. Two people who have no idea what will happen next. And one of you is scared.

I sit across from you, listening as your story pours out.

Maybe you and your partner have had a break-up. Maybe you’re trying to finish school or trying to keep a job, and this is going to de-rail your plans. Maybe you are afraid of what certain people will do or say if they find out you’re pregnant. Maybe you already have more mouths to feed than you have money to feed them with.

You are in a very tough position. None of your available choices will be simple—or painless.

I want you to know a few things.

I care about what happens to you . . . both of you.

And I want to help you make it safely through this crazy, out-of-control time. I hope to see you, as a woman, come through with confidence that you have decided on a future you can be proud of.

You deserve to know about everything that’s available to you.

Like you, I’ve faced frightening situations that appeared impossible. I’ve thought I was about to lose everything, including who I was inside. Like you, I needed someone to take time to point out all my options. Someone who wasn’t afraid to tell me the nitty-gritty truth about those options. Someone to support me while I sorted out what I really wanted to do. Now I want to be that kind of person for you.

I believe you are special, one-of-a-kind.

You are not on this earth by accident, but for a unique purpose. From the day you were conceived until the day you die, you matter—big time. And I believe the same is true of your baby. Both of you need to be nurtured, protected, provided for. I would be unloving to consider only one of you as we talk about where to go from here.

I will keep caring about you no matter what you choose.

Even if you choose a different path than I would. Every choice you can make now will cost you something. But I don’t want to see you give up anything you don’t really want to, deep down inside.

You came in today feeling alone and scared. You can only see the whirlwind around you. But you are not alone.

I am here. And I see two.


Have you heard the phrase, "Sanctity of Life" and wondered what people mean by it?

If you've read this post, now you know what Choices Pregnancy Center means by it.