I’m Off to the Holiday Shopping Open House

The 2017 Holiday Shopping Open House to benefit Choices Pregnancy Center will be Nov. 4, 2017.Don't be left home alone during the opening of hunting season.
Have we got a fun day planned for you!

Join us at the Holiday Shopping Open House on Saturday, November 4, from 10 – 2.
We’ll be at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church at 900 E. Flynn Street. (Click here for directions.)

And if your favorite hunter questions your need for shopping therapy that day, here’s what you can tell him…

Nowhere Else Can I Find All These Vendors in One Place

Think of all the gifts I will check off my list in only one day! They’ll have books for the kids, housewares for my Mom, and tasty food mixes to simplify our holiday cooking. I can get your sister a purse or a hat, or maybe a scarf and some jewelry. And besides those cute hand-sewn play mats for our nephews, I can also stock up on natural cleaning supplies. I even hear there will also be leather goods this year. (But I can’t tell you more; that would ruin the surprise, Hon.)

You Don’t Have to Go Shopping With Me

Just think: you won’t have to drive me all the way to the Cities, and then wait for me on those uncomfortable benches at the mall. You'd like that, right?

It’s For a Good Cause

Yes, Sweetheart, every vendor there will be contributing a share of their profits to Choices Pregnancy Center. You know them: they’re the ones who give women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy the help and support they need to make the best choices for themselves and their babies.

They give parenting classes, teach people how to have healthy relationships, and provide practical things like diapers, clothing, and strollers. And they don’t charge clients a dime. So, I think it’s good to help folks like Choices serve the young families of our community, don’t you?

I Could Win a Quilt

They’re having a drawing for a quilt—just the right size for someone I know to use while snoozing in his recliner. I’ll either buy tickets from Choices staff or board members or just pick up a few at the Open House.

Wouldn’t that quilt would look nice in our house? I hear the lady who made it is Joyce Larsen, from that famous quilt shop, Gathering Friends in Bird Island.

This twin-size quilt by Joyce Larsen will be the grand prize in a drawing held at the Holiday Shopping Open House.
Enter for a chance to win this twin-size quilt, handmade by Joyce Larsen of Gathering Friends quilt shop in Bird Island.

I Can Have a Home-Cooked Meal Right There

I won’t have to go eat out somewhere. They’ll have nice, hot soups, along with barbeque sandwiches and chips—right there at the Open House. And you know they’re famous for their homemade pies!

Can’t you just picture me and my friends sipping our hot cider and having fun while you’re out in that cold, lonely tree stand, waiting and waiting for some scrawny old deer to come along…

Sure, You Can Come, Too!

What’s that? You’d like to go with me to the Holiday Shopping Open House? Well, certainly, dear! But I thought you were going hunting…?