I’m Pregnant! Now What?

How Do I tell my parents and others I'm Pregnant?You are probably thinking…I’ve seen the test results, this is really happening, it is starting to sink in… I. Am. Pregnant. Now, how do I tell my parents or others who are important to me? What will their reaction be?

Most young women worry about this step.  We want to share some ideas to help you prepare for this challenge.

  • Come talk to any of us at Choices Pregnancy Center first. If you take time to talk with an objective person, think through your options, and gather important information, you will be more prepared for the reactions and questions you may face when talking with those closest to you.
  • Remember that even negative actions are rooted in concern for you. Most parents will initially express emotions like anger or disappointment. You need to be ready for that, but recognize that these emotions surface because they care about you and your future, and now that future has a new twist.  They may be feeling that their dreams for you will not come true, or may be experiencing fear of the unknown.  These are normal reactions, whether expressed in a healthy way or not.
  • Know that a little adjustment time is needed.  After those initial reactions, nearly all parents will adjust to the news and begin to consider how they can offer support and love.  Sometimes this happens very quickly and sometimes it takes awhile.  In the meantime, get support from the staff at Choices Pregnancy Center and make positive plans for your new future!  Learn about pregnancy and parenting, explore adoption options, and get connected with other helpful resources.  Take charge and demonstrate maturity as you make choices for yourself and your baby. Taking these steps will show others that you are being practical and courageous when facing this new responsibility.

Contact us at Choices Pregnancy Center for a free pregnancy test or to talk over decisions that need to be made.  We will help you find a positive solution in your difficult situation.