Is Your Vision for Life 20/20?

Gain 20/20 Vision for Life at Choices Pregnancy Center's Fundraising Banquet.Is your vision clear? Do you see where your life should be headed? Or is the future murky?

Here at Choices Pregnancy Center, while the world has rumbled in turmoil, we’ve been listening to the expressed needs of our neighbors who face tough pregnancy situations. The result? Their questions have sharpened our vision for the future. A future of serving them better.

You see, many of their needs involve being able to SEE exactly what they are dealing with. They need to SEE how they can have a promising future—for themselves and their families. They need clearer vision.

Now our vision, as it has taken shape, is going to sharpen the vision of our neighbors.

How will we go about that? That’s the exciting part! Big changes are coming to Choices Pregnancy Center. And if you have a heart for helping your expecting neighbors SEE a brighter future, you’ll want to be among the first to hear the news.

Catch a 20/20 Vision for Life – November 7!

Don’t miss the big reveal, planned for Saturday, November 7, live from the Redwood Area Community Center. That’s right: our 20/20 Vision for Life Banquet is back on the calendar! And this time there are even more ways you can participate:

  • Come when the doors open at 5:30 for the banquet and stay for the program.
  • Come just in time for the program at 7:00.
  • Watch our Facebook Live from your home, at starting at 7:00.

All the details are here, where you can register to save a free spot for yourself, your family, and your friends. But register soon: the deadline is October 24!

Debra Moerke will inspire you to dare to dream of seeing the impossible happen in your life, too.Enjoy Guest Speaker
Debra Moerke

You’ll be inspired by our speaker, Debra Moerke, the author of Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace, as she describes the way impossible things become possible—even in the most ordinary life. If your vision needs sharpening, Debra can open your eyes to the possibilities ahead.

Come purchase a copy of Debra’s book and get it autographed that night. All book sale proceeds will help achieve the new, expanding vision of Choices Pregnancy Center. (And you’ll go home with a great read ahead of you!)

Register Today!

The deadline for registration is almost here. Don’t be left wishing you joined in. Sign up by October 24 to be assured of a seat for the in-person event, or to get instructions for watching by Facebook Live. We look forward to seeing you that evening! Be sure to bring your friends.


Note: All current COVID regulations will be followed during the event.