These 21 Resources Can Help You Enjoy Better Relationships

Feeling frustrated by your romantic relationship? Wishing there was a better way to get that sweet sense of belonging? Then turn to some of our top resources to help you find your way to a satisfying relationship today.

How can I prepare myself to be part of a great relationship?

Begin with these tips on how to be the kind of person who is ready for rich, caring relationships.

5 Great Reasons to be Hard to Get

  • A reminder of your intrinsic value and why you’re worth loving

Miss Right’s Makeover: Becoming Your Best You

  • Be sure you’re ready for the day when Mr. Right comes along.

5 Powerful Questions that can Change Your Life

  • Feeling stuck? Ask yourself these 5 questions to identify ways you can move forward in a better direction.

Start Over: Build Better Relationships This Year

  • Identify what’s at stake in your approach to relationships and take steps to improve them.

Independence Day: When You Take Control of Yourself 

  • Ever considered the power of self-control? Find out how it makes you more independent—and frees you to grow good relationships!

What does a great relationship look like?

Is Respect Alive and Well in Your Relationship?

  • Learn why healthy relationships rely on respect; plus a cool infographic to help you remember how to recognize and show appropriate respect (similar to the one at right)

The Challenge: Say I Love You Without Sex

  • Can you build a relationship on love instead of just sex?

Longing for Love: How to Fill Your Heart Without Regrets

  • 2 tests true love will pass + healthy ways to fill your love tank while you wait for "The One"

Michelangelo and You: How a Strong Relationship Shapes You

  • Explore how a great relationship will shape you in wonderful ways.

Is sex a good way to launch a lasting relationship?

What are You Waiting For?

  • Why developing your friendship first builds a stronger relationshp

True Love or Cheap Copy?

  • Find out how to recognize the real thing

7 Shades of Love

  • 7 signs you may not know that prove love is real

Lies We Believe about Sex and Happiness

  • Discover what to watch out for, and why sex can’t be everything

What’s Wrong with Hooking Up?

  • If hooking up is so popular, why aren’t people more happy doing it?

Is my relationship unhealthy?

Teens: You Can Escape from Violent Dating Relationships

  • Tips for you and those who love you that can help with recognizing and exiting dangerous relationships

Teen Dating Violence: Recognize the Danger Signs

  • See our infographic on how violence starts slow and builds; also a list of people willing to help you break free

Obsession: Is My Relationship Unhealthy?

  • Take a quiz to help you recognize danger signs of an unhealthy relationship and learn how to get out.

Is there a way to repair a broken relationship?

I Think I Wrecked My Relationship

  • What you can do to bring healing when you have hurt the one you love

Save Our Relationship: I’ve Been Hurt

  • What you can do to move toward healing when you’re the one who was hurt

Who can give me relationship help?

Changing how you do relationships can be a huge undertaking. It helps to have caring friends supporting you and cheering you on. At Choices Pregnancy Center, we have been that kind of friend for many people just like you. Here are two of the ways we can help:

Get Free Coaching Toward the New Life You Want

  • Find out how our free Life Coaching could benefit you. (Note: you don’t have to be pregnant!)

Powerful Connections: When Your Friends Have Friends

  • We can connect you with our friends for even more support.


If you’re ready to improve your relationship, contact us today to set up a time to talk.