Independence Day: When you Take Control of Yourself

True freedom means making your own wise decisions without other forces, even your own desires, controlling you. Independence. Now that’s something worth celebrating. We all love the freedom to determine our own course without having someone—or something—telling us what we have to do.

So while you’re out there watching fireworks and celebrating Independence Day, take a moment to make sure you’re living in true freedom. Because there are three powerful forces all of us have to control in order to stay free. Have any of these stolen your freedom?

Freedom: “the power to determine action without restraint.”

Sexual Desire

Have you handed over the reins of your sex life to your hormones? Hormones can be like runaway horses. They don’t stop and think. When your sexual desire controls you, you can get dragged all kinds of places you know aren’t good for you.

Unless you are in control, desire may drag you through the heartbreak of habitual hooking up. That, as many people are finding out, leads to disappointment—even depression.

As if heartbreak weren’t enough, a runaway sex life also ups your chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases or infections. (You know you can get an STI from every partner your partner has ever had, right? See our infographic here.)

Isn’t it time you made sexual choices that were good for you?


Isn’t it great to be loved? Yes! What’s not so great is being a slave to a need for a relationship. Too many people believe the lie that only being in a relationship can prove they are significant and lovable.

Letting your relationship status determine your worth turns that part of your life into a dictator. There goes your independence! If you’ll do anything to be in a relationship, the relationship rules—not you.

Recognize that you are valuable because you are the only you in the world, independently of anyone else. Then you’ll rule your relationships, not the other way around.


This third freedom-stealer sneaks up on you. It lulls you to sleep, whispering, “Don’t rock the boat. Don’t rock the boat…”

If staying comfortable is your biggest goal, you’re not free to choose to make changes. You’re not free to make progress. You’re controlled by keeping everything . . . ahh . . . comfortable.

Wake up! Take control of your comfort level by gathering a few supportive friends around you when changes create scary waves. Then ride those waves, on to all the good that awaits you.

You Can Stage a Personal Revolution

If you’ve noticed that any of these freedom-stealers have taken over your life, wage your own war for independence.

Check out the help available at Choices Pregnancy Center for women and men who want to take charge of their own lives. Through our free Life Coaching, you can find the courage you need to be truly free from an old lifestyle. We’re here to walk with you, because we believe that you matter, and you can exert your independent control of your own life.

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