Get Free Coaching Toward the New Life You Want

Life Coaching can move you toward the life you really want, and it's free at Choices Pregnancy Center.Some people use New Year’s Day to set new goals for their lives. Then they watch those goals fizzle out a few days later. Other people have simply given up trying to achieve the kind of life they really want.

But what if you actually could change your life? And what if you had someone by your side to help you?

Would it surprise you to find out there is someone who can do that for you—at Choices Pregnancy Center?

That someone is our certified Life Coach. And get this: You don’t have to be pregnant for her to work with you. Best of all, she’ll coach you for free.

Read on to find out how this coaching could work for you.

Would I be eligible for Life Coaching?

Our Life Coach will work with anyone from our area who:

  • Is (or may be) dealing with an unexpected pregnancy
  • Is raising young children
  • Wants to avoid unexpected pregnancy or other sexual risk by changing the behaviors that may be putting them at risk

If you feel one of those descriptions fits you, let’s talk. We would welcome the chance to work toward getting you the life you want.

What Could a Life Coach Do for Me?

A Life Coach works like a mentor. She’s not someone who runs your life—you do that. Our life coach is professionally trained to ask the right questions to help you identify what you really want out of life, what’s standing in your way, and what you can do about it.

Make the next 365 days your best year yet.

So let’s say you want to change something about your life. Here’s what Life Coaching could do for you:

  • I want to get a grip on my life skills. Your Life Coach can help you do things like gain control over your wild spending, your messy house, or your wasted time. She can also work with you to break addictive habits like smoking.
  • I wish I could develop a healthy relationship. With your Life Coach’s encouragement, you can learn what makes a truly loving, satisfying romantic relationship—and strengthen yourself to hold out for the right one.
  • I’d like to embrace my sexuality without dangerous consequences. Your Life Coach can help you identify the behaviors that put you at risk and go on to build new habits to prevent STIs and/or unwanted pregnancy.
  • I need help handling a challenging pregnancy situation. Your Life Coach will give you emotional support and encouragement. She’ll listen to your questions and concerns, help you pinpoint your needs, and then lay out the variety of options you have available. If it’s free, customized education and practical supplies you need for you and your baby, she can get you plugged into our Earn While You Learn program. She can also help you connect with other support services in our community. If you’re wondering whether adoption would be a good choice, she can introduce you to expectant parent advocates who can answer your questions.
  • I really want to be a better parent. With help from your Life Coach, you’ll come to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and then take steps to learn and practice being the kind of parent you want to be.

Is that all?

Life Coaching is as unique as you are. So the things we’ve mentioned here are only examples. Our Life Coach knows how to work with all kinds of people hoping to make major life changes.

The best way to find out what our coach can do for you is ask.

Call or text us today to find out more about Life Coaching. Better yet, make an appointment to get started right away.



At Choices Pregnancy Center, we realize that pregnancy is only one of life’s challenges.

So whether you are looking for a life of richer relationships,
you’re seeking a way to avoid sexual risk,
or you want help for a pregnancy that has already begun,
we are here for you.

Call or text us today.