Miss Right’s Makeover: Becoming Your Best You

Miss Right in a Pink HatWe ladies spend a lot of time looking for “Mr. Right.” We’ve already talked about what Mr. Right needs to be like in earlier posts here and here.

But we don’t want to miss answering this question:

What am I doing to become Miss Right?

Step back a moment and look at this the way popular speaker Pam Stenzel suggests:

  1. List 10 qualities your Mr. Right must have.
  2. List 10 qualities Mr. Right must NOT have.
  3. Then ask yourself, “What would that kind of a man find to love in me?”

Men have their own lists for Miss Right, you know. (Here are just a couple from eHarmony and mybrotha.com.)

Have you been so busy searching for Mr. Right that you’ve never considered whether you’re ready for him?

Miss Right Is You at Your Best

Careful, now. Nobody’s version of Miss Right will fit you except your own. Trying to squeeze yourself into somebody else’s Ideal Mate mold is the wrong goal.

However, if you find you keep attracting Mr. Wrong, maybe you are ready for a makeover of your own choosing. Knowing what the right kind of men are looking for may help you design that makeover.

Because you at your best—a healthy, whole person who has her own life—will be very attractive to Mr. Right.

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3 Qualities Mr. Right Is Looking For

At Choices Pregnancy Center, we’ve read a lot of men’s lists for Miss Right, and they usually boil down to three key qualities:

  • She shows respect. Men are wired to appreciate women who value their ideas and leadership. Mr. Right wants support, not a boss or a nag—or a slave.
  • She makes peace. Men are hungry for peace in their hearts and peace in their homes—not drama and chaos.
  • She catches his interest. Men want women who are fascinating and fun to be with. Looking your best will attract his attention; living an interesting life will keep it.

Crafting Hearts

Design Your Makeover

Practice respect.

  • Begin by respecting yourself. Don’t put yourself down or allow others to put you down. Develop healthy boundaries.
  • Respect Mr. Right by not giving your body to Mr. Wrong.
  • Show respect for others, including authority figures. Give them room to try and fail without criticizing or nagging.
  • Learn to disagree without putting the other person down.

Make peace.

  • Learn how to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Learn how to apologize well. (Here’s a great article on that.)
  • Learn to settle differences without a big blow-up.
  • Make peace with past hurts, so you don’t carry that resentment into your new relationship with Mr. Right.
  • Practice making your home peaceful. Put stuff where it belongs, cook yummy meals, keep on top of your schedule.

Get a life.

  • Pursue hobbies or activities you get passionate about. You’ll have so much to talk about!
  • Further your education. When you and Mr. Right work together, two heads will be better than one, as they say.
  • Be interested in others’ interests. Be curious, ask questions, and remember what they tell you.
  • Avoid life-draining emotional drama by reserving the intimacy that belongs to Mr. Right for him alone.

You Are Made to Be Miss Right

At Choices, we believe every woman is designed to be attractive to men of true worth. And we are here to help you fulfill that destiny.

Hey, future Miss Right. Are you ready for an inner makeover?
Then come on in. Take home some of our handouts,
get some coaching on relationships and restoring your sexual integrity.
We want to see you happy, pursuing a better, brighter future.

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