Mothers Day: Celebrating the Moms We’ve Met

Mothers Day is a great day to celebrate moms who put their children's needs ahead of their own.Here at Choices Pregnancy Center, we honor mothers all year long.

But with Mother’s Day approaching, the moms on staff want to celebrate the many mothers who have asked us to walk alongside them on their journeys through motherhood.

Ladies, you know who you are. So sit back and let our praise wash over you. Let us tell you some of the many reasons we have come to admire you. We’ve seen where you’ve been and we see where you’re heading. We can’t wait to see how far you go!

Mothers Find Inner Strength

Moms, some of you came to us carrying heavy burdens. But as we’ve talked, in spite of your load, you’ve found the strength to add motherhood to your life.

You have made some tough decisions, set high goals for yourself, and followed through to make those goals happen.

Sure, sometimes you slid back a few steps, but you dusted yourself off and kept on trying. That’s what strong women—strong mothers—do.

Mothers can dig deep and find strengths they didn't know they had.

Mothers Do “Mothering”

Ladies, your ability to re-set your priorities for the sake of your children is impressive! When you did that, it was like you blossomed into mothers with a capital M. Because that’s what mothers do. They dare to give their best for their children.

It would have been easy to keep on with your old patterns, your old habits, your old lives that were all about you. But when you put your children’s needs above your own—Wow. Selflessness is a mother’s super power.

You’re turning your lifestyle into one that nurtures another human being—both in the womb and beyond. You are “mothering.”

Mothering is what mothers do--it's even more than who they are.

Mothers Fuel the Rocket

Mothers, all the little loving things you do today are fueling your children’s success in the future.

Look at you, changing their diapers and bandaging their boo-boos, calming their fears and encouraging them to take their first steps! You’re building them up to be strong and brave adults.

That dependable love of yours gives them somewhere to run when the world is hard to face. Your love assures them they will be okay.

And kids who know they will be okay develop the courage to do great things.

So someday, when your children conquer life’s obstacles, or create healthy families of their own, or maybe even travel to Mars, you’ll know your love fueled their success.

Mother love fuels a child's success.

For these reasons and more, we say, “Way to go, Moms! Have a happy Mother’s Day! You deserve it!”



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