You Can Help Change a Life

Change for Life, our baby bottle fundraiser, is one way our community supports Choices Pregnancy Center in their quest to be the best helpers for women facing unexpected pregnancies.Imagine finding out you’re pregnant, with no idea how you will handle it.

  • Maybe you’re already having trouble making ends meet.
  • Maybe your boyfriend said he wants nothing to do with a baby.
  • Or maybe you had big plans, and having a baby wasn’t part of them.

Where do you go? What do you do?

For many women in our community, it’s not hard to imagine.

For them, this is their life. Right now.

That’s Why They Need Choices

A woman facing an unexpected pregnancy needs time to think, time to talk it over with people who will listen without judging. She needs to find out how many options she really has. She needs support during her decision and beyond, because whatever she does next will change her life.

And you can be part of that change. Keep reading to find out how.

Choices Pregnancy Center is the best place in and around Redwood Falls for a woman to find confidential, caring, personalized support at a time like this. We listen, we provide truthful answers to her questions, and we stick with her through what follows.

We want to see each woman thrive, without pressure to abandon her deepest values or her highest dreams. We want to see her children thrive as well. And we can connect her to all the resources in our area to help her make that happen.

And all our services are free. All of them.

All it takes is a little help from our community. (Here’s your part…)

That’s why each year we launch the Change for Life campaign between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. People all over our area start collecting change in baby bottles—to help us turn it into lasting change through material aid, emotional support and coaching, and education. Watch this video to learn more:

You Can Keep Giving Them Choices

Ready to help?

Here’s how you can participate in this year’s Change for Life campaign.

  • Pick up a baby bottle from your participating church or stop by our office to grab one.
  • Drop in your spare change. (Dollar bills and checks are welcome, too!)
  • On or around Father’s Day, return the bottle to your church or our office.

You may never know just how many lives your change has changed. But Choices Pregnancy Center will be forever grateful for your help.


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