The Christmas Baby: Why Choices Pregnancy Center Cares

The family of the first Christmas inspires us today with a mother's choice, a father's heroism, and a baby's world-changing birth.For those of us working here at Choices Pregnancy Center, Christmas holds a special place in our hearts. That’s because the story of the first Christmas inspires us. It’s the story of an unexpected pregnancy and how it changed a lot of lives.

Because of that story, we work all year long to pass on the love and joy and hope that came at Christmas to new families facing a similar situation.

One Mother, One Choice

The mother of the Christmas child wasn’t married. In her culture, an unwed mother could be thrown out of her home, get dumped by her fiancé, and even be killed. She could have chosen to quietly seek out someone to “take care of” her pregnancy. (Yes, abortion has been around a long time). But she chose to believe that the life within her really did have value, and that following through with her pregnancy would be best no matter the cost.

We, too, believe that lives have value. We stand with women as they wrestle with the consequences of their pregnancies. How could we not, when we have such a story to learn from? That courageous mother chose life for her child. We love to see more women do the same. Every life—a mother’s and her child’s—deserves a chance to thrive in spite of difficulty.

One Father Took Up the Challenge

The father of the Christmas child had not signed up for instant fatherhood. When he found out his fiancée was pregnant, he could have just walked away from her. Instead, he chose to marry her anyway and be a father to her baby. He accepted the challenge of remodeling his life to raise a family.

Men have an amazing capacity to lead families, given the support and training they need. With this one father as inspiration, we believe men can meet the challenge of fatherhood with confidence and wisdom. And we’re here to help them succeed.

One Child Changed the World

The baby at the center of the Christmas story grew up into a historical figure of epic proportions. Born in a small rural town, He went on to influence people the world over. Each of us at Choices would say He has dramatically changed our lives.

What if His mother had decided to end her pregnancy? What if His father had bailed on the family? What if He had never been born?

No one could have foreseen all the ways that baby boy would impact the world. In the same way, we would never presume to say one life in a womb today doesn’t matter.

The Gift of Life

At Christmas, we see the gift of life more clearly. The story of a mother’s tough choice, a father’s heroic decision, and a baby’s birth in the harshest of circumstances shines light on all we do at Choices Pregnancy Center.

And so we carry the story of Christmas into our work all year long.

Choices Pregnancy Center bringing the hope that was born at Christmas to our community around Redwood Falls all year long.