The Gift of a Child

Baby Comes as a Christmas GiftYou don’t have to drive too far down a street in our communities of Redwood Falls and Marshall before you find a baby on the front lawn. A baby in a manger, that is--with his parents smiling down on him, while shepherds and kings crowd in for a better view. Yep, it’s Christmas time in southwest Minnesota.

It’s a light-up-the-dark reminder: a child is a gift.

Your baby may be a blessing in disguise.

That baby on your neighbor’s lawn in the manger? History tells us He was born to an unmarried woman, altering her life forever. She almost lost her fiancé and probably never regained her reputation in the eyes of her neighbors. Yet she became filled with so much delight that she wrote a whole song about it. She felt privileged to participate in nurturing the baby who became the man who permanently changed human history.

How much joy might your child bring you in the course of his life?

Your baby may be the answer to someone’s prayers.

A lot of people had been hoping for the baby in a manger. His mother must have been shocked to discover that traveling wise men, an old man, and a widow saw her child as the answer to their prayers.

Who’s waiting for your child? Someone who needs his friendship? Someone who needs someone wonderful to marry?

Your baby may do the world a whole lot of good.

Historians tell us the baby in the manger became a man who taught, healed, counseled, and fed countless people. Many people today attribute all their hope in life to that Christmas child. Your child might make a similar difference: he could be a teacher, a doctor, a counselor, or a farmer who touches countless lives.

Could your child be a person many people thank for his help someday?

Your baby may change you.

Here’s a song that describes the difference that the Christmas child made in His mother’s life.

Mothers (and fathers) still say that children have the ability to change them in wonderful ways. Here are a few comments we’ve heard just lately:

  • “I learn unconditional love by loving my child.” –GH, Minnesota
  • “It’s fun to see them marvel at something; it keeps that spirit alive in me.” –KB, Minnesota
  • “I wouldn’t get to be a mother without my daughter, and I LOVE being her mama.” –DS, Central Asia
  • "I think the blessing that has surprised me the most is how God has used my children to further mold my character.” – CS, California
  • “The gift is perpetual teaching and learning for me.” –DM, Minnesota
  • “My beautiful child teaches me humility every day!” –HS, Minnesota

This Christmas, look hopefully at your child. See him—maybe for the first time—as a specially-chosen gift to you, and a specially chosen gift to the world.

In what ways has your child already been a gift to you?

We wish you and your child a very Merry Christmas--
with love from the staff at Choices Pregnancy Center.